Getting more people bowling more often

By Emily Rennes
June 6, 2022

Every bowler once had their first-ever bowl, whether at a bowling centre for fun, with family or friends, for a special occasion, or to get fit.

At Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA), we see your first experience as the start of your journey – a pathway into the sport that could lead to a lifetime of bowling. 

From learning to bowl, to joining a league, becoming a coach, or touring the globe as a high performing athlete, tenpin bowling is a sport for life.

TBA loves to continue seeing a thriving tenpin bowling industry that engages and connects communities through participation and skill. As one of the four key pillars in TBA’s Strategy, ‘Playful Connections’ seeks to explore all the fun ways we connect people through being part of tenpin bowling.

With that in mind, participation should be fun, engaging, and offer a range of opportunities that keep bowlers coming back for more. 

With the help of Senior Participation Advisor Tom Hunter from Sport Australia and together with two advisory groups, the Participation team has created the 2022-2023 Participation plan for the sport.

The following five key drivers of participation are the focus of the Participation Plan: 

  1. Market Insights 
  2. Unified Behaviours 
  3. Workforce 
  4. Product Design  
  5. Marketing and Communication 

TBA’s Program and Development Manager, Emily Rennes, said that the national body for tenpin bowling in Australia aims to understand and meet participants’ needs at their respective stages by utilising data and research.

“Whether it’s learning to bowl with pre-set curriculum, engaging more schools, utilising portable equipment or new and exciting partnerships; we’re keen to continue the sport’s growth,” she said.

“We hope to unite our stakeholders on the pathway to offering well-designed products, making it easier to get involved in tenpin bowling in any capacity,” Rennes added.

You can download the Participation Plan here.

Get in touch with the TBA participation team by emailing [email protected]