Industry Mail – May Edition Released

By Matt Stevens
May 13, 2021

The fifth edition of the Industry Mail newsletter has been released to registered centres this afternoon.

This month’s instalment includes some exciting news for centre owners with another addition to the Centralised Buying Platform.

After surveying the registered centre portfolio to understand what they, at the coal face, wanted to hear about, a consistent answer was policy and procedures. In this month’s edition, our HR Platform partner, Talent Cube, provides some business tips regarding why policies and procedures are important.

The Industry Mail is a monthly document showcasing commercial insights specifically for the owners and TBA registered centres across the nation. TBA recognises the importance of the exceptional work the centre owners and managers do for our sport.

Creating this tailor-made document and sharing insights across the national platform is critical in aligning an essential communication stream. The aim is to provide potential learnings, missed opportunities, commercial success, photos, news, and celebrations the centres would like showcased.

If you are a TBA registered centre and haven’t received the email, please get in touch to let us know.

Please feel free to reach out to our Chief Operating Officer- Damien Smith. If there is a particular commercial/business metric, you would like support or a generalist conversation about your individual needs. Damien is looking forward to visiting your centre soon!

You can reach Damien at [email protected]