Jason Belmonte Propels the Sport of Bowling to International Acclaim

By Lynne Clay
March 22, 2021

SPORTSPEDIA has just released a unique World Sport Ranking – THE SPORTSPEDIA 100 –naming Australian tenpin bowler Jason Belmonte in the top 100 Sportspeople in the World.

Bowlers in Australia, and across the globe share the glory and respect of fellow sportsmen and women with Jason Belmonte’s inclusion in THE SPORTSPEDIA 100.

The performances and historical significance of thousands of sportspeople from over 150 sports were critically analysed to determine the ultimate list of the best athletes in the world. Using a complex formula with over 30 variables, NBA champion and multiple record-breaker, LeBron James (USA), topped the list of rankings while Belmonte scored the highest placing (at #29) of Australians qualifying for this momentous accolade.

Fellow Australian athletes Boyd Exell (Equestrian) and Tia-Clair Toomey (CrossFit) ranked #48 and #49 and Wheelchair Tennis star Dylan Alcott joined the illustrious line-up at #55.

“The Class of 2020 of the 100 best sportspeople in the world competed in 39 sports and hail from 34 countries, from every permanently inhabited continent. “Some sports and groups of sports were totally absent due to a total or partial shutdown during the pandemic, and some sportspeople did not compete at all due to travel limits,” the announcement stated.

“Nevertheless, the Class of 2020 saw several historical milestones being achieved and extended. “Every single one of them has been a World Champion or equivalent and the majority already place among the all-time best in their disciplines, sports and/or group of sports … we made sure not to miss any sports in the analysis – from Indian Kambala to Argentinian Pato to Irish Handball,” it added.

Further   information   and   full   details   of   THE   SPORTSPEDIA   100   can   be   found  at www.sportspedia.net.

Credit for photo to PBA LLC