King’s College Students Strike it Big with Tenpin Bowling Experience

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 26, 2023

Students from King’s College had the unique opportunity to step out of their classrooms and onto the lanes, as part of Tenpin Bowling Australia’s involvement with the Australian Sports Commission’s pilot Secondary Sporting Schools program this term.

The initiative, aimed at offering a variety of sports experiences to teenagers, received a warm welcome from 40 of the college’s year 9 and 10 students.

Under the watchful eye of Mr. Bail, students Blake, Sam, Toby, Nekoda, and Abraham showcased their promising bowling skills at Great Ocean Road Tenpin in Victoria.

The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive and reflective of the program’s success in engaging young minds and bodies. One of the participants shared, “This was really unique for our class and a great experience where we got to try something new.” Another student discovered a hidden talent, saying, “I thought I’d be no good at bowling, but with practice and coaching from the staff, I’ve really enjoyed it and improved really quickly.”

The program was especially significant for King’s College, a small school located in a regional area. It gave the students a rare opportunity to engage in a physical education program that was enjoyable and different from the norm.

One student expressed their appreciation, stating, “We’re really lucky as a small school in a regional area to be able to go and do these kinds of things for free. It is really great to see some less sporty students getting right into PE with Tenpin bowling.”

This Tenpin Bowling experience has not only introduced students to a new sport but has also helped build confidence, foster camaraderie, and encourage a love for physical activity among the students, irrespective of their sporting background.

Tenpin Bowling Australia’s commitment to extending such experiences, especially to students in regional areas, showcases their dedication to promoting the sport and ensuring its accessibility and appeal to the younger generation.

The success at King’s College stands testament to the program’s potential to build a diverse and inclusive sporting culture in schools across Australia.

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