Local Brewing Co Strikes deal with Tenpin Bowling Australia

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
November 10, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is thrilled to announce a partnership with Local Brewing Co. (LBC), which will supply a Tenpin Bowling branded beer for the twin World Cups at the AGL National High Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast in November.

In collaboration with Local Brewing Co, TBA has today launched the ‘Strike’ beer as we welcome hundreds of overseas athletes and officials to the Sunshine Coast.

“We are pretty excited to announce this partnership with Local Brewing Co. who supply craft beer to venues across the country,” said TBA Chief Executive Officer Rohan O’Neill.

“Local Brewing has a positive name across venues and organisations due to their combined approach in supplying the popular craft beer and helping those in need from sales.

“Their portfolio of collaborations continues to grow, and it’s great for the sport to have  Tenpin Bowling Australia become the latest edition with the new ‘Strike Draught’ beer” added O’Neill.

Created in 2019, a group of mates launched the Local Brewing Co with an aim to help those in need. For every pack and pint of beer purchased, Local Brewing Co provide a meal to someone in need through their partners SecondBite.

Since its inception, a total of 170,000 meals have been donated by Local Brewing to people in need as Co-Founder Chris Cefala explains.

“We are thrilled to partner with Tenpin Bowling Australia to become the official beer supplier of the IBF World Cups on the Sunshine Coast”.

“We have recently collaborated with several sporting organisations, including the A-League’s Melbourne Victory. Tenpin Bowling Australia has now joined our line-up and we couldn’t be more excited to launch the Strike Draught beer.

With the World Cup host venue boasting a newly re-developed decking, the newly launched beer will be prominent and available for guests and spectators of the World Cup.

Craft beer continues to increase in popularity in the country with the Sunshine Coast dubbed the ‘Craft beer capital of Australia’ and for good reason.

The region is home to a staggering 21 breweries from the coast to the hinterland, each with their unique beer style and story to tell. Strike Draught now becomes a popular option for the bowling community.

“TBA has been a great partner to work with and as a company that prides itself on accessibility to the premium beer category we see partnering with sporting organisations as a way to increase our reach and also have some fun innovating new products at the same time”

“We wanted Strike Draught to be accessible with a low hop profile which considers the Sunshine Coast climate where the event is being held. In addition, the design of the can makes it a unique souvenir for the event.”

If you are visiting the Sunshine Coast during the World Cup and are looking for a cool refreshment, head to the AGL National High Performance Centre and Suncity Tenpin café to try ‘Strike Draught’ to be bowled over with the taste.

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