Love at first Strike

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 14, 2022

Representing Australia in tenpin bowling and admiring each other’s bowling skills led to this couple finding love amongst the lanes.

While competitive tenpin bowlers Chloe Jones and Matt Clague had seen each other at ranked events and President’s Shields each year, they didn’t officially meet until they were on the Asian Youth Championship trip in 2017. 

“My first impressions of Chloe were ‘man she can throw a ball!’ Followed closely by, she is way out of my league,” said Matt. 

“He was always very quiet in juniors, but when we did have the odd chat, I thought he was very charming,” Chloe said of Matt.

Their romance only blossomed from there, and just a month on from the Asian Youth Championships, the two were dating.

2017 Asian Youth Championships – Chloe bottom left, Matt top right.

After being together for a little less than a year, Matt moved to Townsville from the Gold Coast in late 2018 to be with Chloe and they’ve since travelled all over the world representing Australia in their chosen sport. 

They’ve made connections around the globe, turning international bowling events into holidays, creating lifelong memories both on and off the lanes. 

The couple who lives together, trains together and travels together don’t let their love get in the way of their competitive bowling spirit.

“We are always competing against each other, regardless of the event we are bowling,” Chloe said. “It makes a simple sparing training session intense by the end of the day!”

Always supporting! Matt congratulating Chloe for winning the National Youth Cup in 2020

When reflecting on Valentine’s Day and their second love, tenpin bowling, the couple said:  

“We love the inclusiveness of this sport. No matter your age, ability or skill level, you can bowl socially or competitively with ease.” 

Having been bowlers since they were both three years old, Chloe and Matt believe that tenpin bowling will always be a part of their lives. 

“We don’t think we could ever leave this sport; it’s given us too much, and we’ve committed most of our lives to it.” Chloe said. 

Chloe and Matt will also be getting married later this year, and if the moment Matt dropped to one knee is anything to go by, there could be a few more surprises in stall on their special day.

“I think I hinted that I would like a ring, but Matt always said it was years away,” Chloe recalled. “I had resigned myself to the fact I would be getting engaged at 30 most likely and was totally shocked when Matt got down on one knee while we were having a photoshoot, which he had organised secretly, I had no clue.”

We’d like to wish Chloe and Matt the best with their nuptials.