By Matt Stevens
October 27, 2020

Following recognition and nomination for the Westfield Local Hero competition, Marilyn Richards has taken out the top prize after being announced the Westfield Local Hero winner for Belconnen.

The superstar volunteer was one of three winners announced and awarded a $10,000 grant for her affiliated organisation – The ACT Wizards.

“Wow! What an honour to be nominated as a Westfield Belconnen Local Hero, and then to be announced a winner, I was very pleased to say the least” explained Marilyn. “Blown away by the response from everybody. The win will certainly help the Wizards Tenpin Bowling League in 2021”.

The Wizards are a league providing a year-long weekly bowling competition at Zone Belconnen in the Australian Capital Territory. The Wizards league offers opportunities for people with a diverse range of disabilities including intellectual disabilities, blind, deaf, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, and other behavioural issues.

The winning of the award and the accompanying grant has provided much joy to Marilyn. Still, as she is known for, her reaction is modest and is quick to share the recognition with the many helpers that make the Wizards what they are.

“I’m pretty overwhelmed and humbled at the moment.  I’m just the face behind a very efficient bunch of wonderful Committee members who work tirelessly day in day out for our Wizards Bowlers”.

The $10,000 will go towards helping the Wizards in 2021 with the multiple activities the group partakes in each year. One of those will involve their attendance at the Nationals with the grant aiding in bus and transport costs.

The high volume of votes for Marilyn can be attributed to the support shown by the wonderful bowling community. Marilyn is very appreciative of the influx of support she has received.

“To all you guys out there in the Tenpin Bowling World who took the time to vote for me, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  Your support over the past few months has been amazing, very much appreciated by myself and Committee of the Wizards League”.

Congratulations Maz – a thoroughly well-deserved winner for the fantastic work you do in the sport.

To read more about Marilyn and the Wizards, read the story – Maz the Wizard here.