Masterclass with Australia’s Commissioner General at Expo 2020 Dubai a Big Hit

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
November 30, 2021

With the sun beaming down from the Dubai desert, World number 1 and Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) ambassador Jason Belmonte took Australia’s Commissioner General for World Expo 2020 Dubai, Justin McGowan, through a tenpin bowling masterclass at the Australian Pavilion.

Click below to watch behind the scenes insights into the masterclass conducted at the International Bowling Federation (IBF) World Championships on custom installed QubicaAMF lanes at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The masterclass was unique in many respects, with the outdoor setting adding a challenge to a sport that is inclusive by nature and accessible for all.

Sport is heavily entrenched in Australian culture. The role sport plays in connecting communities globally is a significant reason for Jason Belmonte and TBA visiting the event.

“Sport is an integral part of Australian culture. To have tenpin bowling featured at Expo 2020 Dubai demonstrates how sport has the unique power to bring people, communities, and nations together,” commented Australian Commissioner General of Expo 2020 Justin McGowan.

“Bringing the IBF World Championship Finals to Expo 2020 gave the sport direct exposure to the 192 countries that hosted pavilions at the iconic, world-renowned event”, added IBF CEO Andrew Oram.

“Bowling shared the stage with some of the world’s biggest and best innovations and captured the attention of a wider audience”.

“Having the opportunity to reintroduce Justin to bowling and show him how the sport has advanced in the years since he last picked up a bowling ball is an excellent example of this. IBF thanks Justin and Jason for their cooperation,” added Oram.

As the national sporting organisation for the sport, TBA understands the role we must play on the international stage.

“Whilst we did not send national teams over to the IBF World Championships in Dubai, to have the support of the Australian government and to have the Finals of the Championships take place right outside the Australian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai was remarkable,” said TBA CEO Rohan O’Neill.

“Highlighted in the Australian Government Sport Diplomacy 2030 strategy, Sport is critical to international relations, and Tenpin Bowling Australia was pleased to support the Australian government and the IBF in making this happen,” added O’Neill. 

As the sun continued to beam down on the lanes, McGowan was in awe of the skill and precision showcased by the number 1 bowler in the world.

“The movement and speed he can generate with the bowling ball on the lanes are extraordinary to watch,” said McGowan.

“It was a real privilege to have the chance to witness Jason in action and hear his insights into the sport. The technical intricacies of the sport that Jason explained were fascinating, particularly how he adjusts his approach throughout a game and the need to consider surface and oil on the lanes”.

What an experience for Australia’s Commissioner-General at Expo 2020 Dubai having World Number 1 Jason Belmonte deliver a Tenpin Bowling masterclass

Despite Australia not having teams at the event, Jason Belmonte came away from the masterclass equally impressed with Justin’s skill and was pleased to be involved in the festivities.

“He has some natural ability on the lanes, and to have a high game of 225 is proof of that,” said Belmonte.

“These are the activities we need to do to raise the profile and awareness of our sport. So to have the opportunity to build relationships and increase the support that will assist our goals is vital, and it was a real honour to have that chance with Justin here in Dubai”.

The unique opportunity on the lanes was made possible due to the strong relationship between the IBF and TBA.

The connection remains strong between the two governing bodies following the announced agreement that allows the IBF Academy to license access to the flagship participation programs Bowl Patrol and Bowl Abilities for all international bowling federations.

“The vision of the IBF in making this happen in such a short timeframe was incredible, and we thank them for the tremendous work they did in bringing this event to life,” commented TBA CEO Rohan O’Neill.

“We are also extremely grateful for the ongoing support of the Australian government in developing the sport”.

“The Australian government and Sport AUS are fantastic supporters of Tenpin Bowling in Australia, and we are really pleased to be a sport that is on a roll and building momentum,” added O’Neill.

O’Neill also paid tribute to Jason and his crucial role as the TBA Ambassador, where he supports Bowl Patrol and our Sporting Schools initiatives. 

“Jason is a wonderful advocate for Tenpin Bowling Australia and the sport in general. His insights and engagement with Justin were just brilliant. We are very pleased to have Jason’s support in driving the sport forward both within Australia and overseas”.

Fun in the Sun – Left to Right – Australian Pavilion Director of Operations – Dave Magill, IBF CEO Andrew Oram, Australian Commissioner General of Expo 2020 Justin McGowan, TBA Ambassador Jason Belmonte and TBA CEO Rohan O’Neill.