Meet the National Training Squad: Emily Bottomley

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 15, 2022

Emily Bottomley is back on the world stage for the first time since 2019, let’s get to know her ahead of the U21 World Championships getting underway next week.

Fast facts 

Squad: NTS 21 

Home State/Territory: QLD 

Home Centre: Logan Tenpin City 

Personal coach: Bianca Flangan 

Bowling style: Right-hand, one-hand 

High Game: 289 

Bowler Bio

For as long as Emily can remember she has been in and around bowling centres. Getting her start at the age of nine, her introduction to bowling came from her parents who were both keen bowlers themselves with the bowling centre becoming her second home.

The Queensland-based bowler’s earliest memories of the sport come from league bowling on a Saturday morning and practising whenever she could convince her dad to take her.

From a young age, Emily wanted to be just like her parents and other adults. She thought the only way to be good was to have a bowling shirt with her name on it and wear a wrist guard. 

First selected for the National Training Squad in 2018, she has competed abroad on a handful of occasions including the 2019 Asian Schools Tenpin Bowling Championships. Closer to home, Emily has a third-place finish at the TBA21 Masters. 

Away from competition, Emily was named 2020 Queensland Lane Ranger of the Year for Tenpin Bowling Australia’s Bowl Patrol program.  

At the end of 2021, Emily finished her Secondary Education degree and hopes to make the move to outback Queensland to start her career as an English/Legal Studies teacher. 

One of her favourite things about bowling is that it allows her to be in control and her results are not determined physically but most of all she feels a sense of peace that she has total power over what she is doing. But more than that, Emily loves bowling because of the incredible people it has brought into her life. 

Follow Emily on Instagram (@emily_bottomleyy)