Meet the National Training Squad: Nixon Chan

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
June 10, 2022

With less than two weeks until the IBF U21 World Championships in Sweden on 20-28 June, we’re getting to know the team members who will be pulling on the green and gold. Let’s get to know Nixon Chan.

Fast facts

Squad: NTS 21

Home State/Territory: NSW

Home Centre: Tenpin City

Personal coach: Geoff Bowness

Bowling style: Right-hand, one-hand

How many 300 games? Six

Bowler Bio 

Starting bowling at the age of five, Nixon’s obsession with the sport started at a young age. His dad brought him along to a bowling centre, where his mum recalls that the youngster couldn’t stop staring at the balls going down the lane. 

It was at that moment that Nixon’s dad found him a coach. 

From there he has gone on to represent Australia on the international stage after making his National Training Squash (NTS) debut in 2018. He has pulled on the green and gold on three separate occasions including the 2018 Asian Schools Championships, 2019 World Junior Championships and 2019 Asian Schools Championships. 

At his last international event, the 2019 Asian Schools Championships, he finished with a silver in the singles behind Japan’s Hideaki Hata.

Nixon loves everything that comes with bowling from the sound of the balls hitting the pins to the smell of a brand new ball but his favourite thing about the sport is the technical side of it, the analysation and numbers.

While the New South Wales-based player has the goal of winning a Professional Bowling Association (PBA) in the future, he also wants to become a space engineer. 

His hobbies away from bowling are still heavily focussed on sport including tennis, formula and badminton.

Follow Nixon on Instagram (nixton.chan_).