Meet the National Training Squad – Tamika Pettigrew

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
May 6, 2022

After winning her first national ranked title at the Queensland Junior Cup (QJC) last weekend, get to know Queensland local Tamika Pettigrew.

Fast facts

Squad: NTS 18

Home State/Territory: Queensland

Home Centre: Mt Warren Lanes & Logan City Tenpin

Bowling style: Right-hand, one-handed

High Game: 265

Bowler Bio 

Tamika started bowling at the age of seven, but it wasn’t until she was 10-years-old that she can recall her earliest memory of playing the sport when asked to join a team for the AMF Ken Mills Kup. 

Just five short years later, at 15, the Capalaba-based bowler competed at the 2019 Australian Junior Championship, where she came away with an individual bronze medal. She also competed in the South Queensland team that placed second in both the girls’ and combined events at the President’s Shield.

For Tamika, tenpin bowling is something that allows her to escape from the world and take her mind off things. It also surrounds the Queenslander with people who understand her and that are helpful and supportive at the same time.

Following her impressive showing at the 2021 Australian National Championship (ANC) President’s Shield, where she was named an all-star after finishing second in all events and a fifth-place finish at the TBA21 Masters, Tamika finished fourth in the junior rankings that year. 

Her 2022 season has already got off to a fast start, making her first National Training Squad – NTS 18 and winning her first national ranked title – Queensland Junior Cup.

With spare shooting being one of her greatest strengths, it makes Tamika stand out from the rest of her age group in high-pressure games. 

Tamika enjoys creating diamond art in her spare time and hopes to become the best bowler and person she can be.