Modified Rules Extended to January 2022

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 30, 2021

Limitations and changes to how we play our sport continue in 2021 as we manage the presence of COVID-19.

At the commencement of the pandemic, Tenpin Bowling Australia published several modified rule allowances. These modifications aimed to assist in the reformation of leagues and events to coincide with restrictions in place. The modified rules have been extended several times throughout 2020 and 2021.

Due to the ongoing presence of COVID-19 and the differing restrictions in place across the different states, centres may now choose to adopt the waived rules until 31st January 2022. Further consideration will be given after that date.

If a centre chooses to adopt any of the waived rules, they must be willing to accept the responsibility for the control and management of the league’s resumption.

Please talk to your local centre to understand what waived rules are still in place.

The modified rule allowances can be found here