National Disability Championship Masters

By Matt Stevens
June 18, 2021

It’s Masters Day at the National Disability Championship! Three master events will occur today with the Restricted, Classic and Open Master events all scheduled.

Bowlers will complete eight games before the top 3 for each division will bowl in a step ladder final.

Scores will be published by the tournament team up to match 4. After match 4, all scores will be kept a surprise for participants up until the conclusion of the 8th game. After the 8 games are completed and the top 3 are known, the scores will be updated.

Good luck and high scoring to all the qualifiers for each event.

Open Masters

Scores link

  1. Kallan Strong (NSW)
  2. Adam Sutherland (TAS)
  3. Mitchell Meares (NSW)
  4. Matthew Hurst (QLD)
  5. Lionel Kenyon (QLD)
  6. Ashley Poelstra (QLD)
  7. Danny Simpson (TAS)
  8. Damian Murtagh (TAS)
  9. Nicholas Jefferson (QLD)
  10. Connor Dixon (QLD)
  11. Tom Brown (TAS)
  12. Mark Ukleja (SA)
  13. David Riddle (QLD)
  14. Jyrah Sammut (NT)
  15. Nathan Curd (QLD)
  16. Richard Bowden (NT)

Classic Masters

Scores Link

  1. Harry Woodhouse (NSW)
  2. Nicholas Milner (TAS)
  3. Scoot Harber (ACT)
  4. Malakai Sammut (NT)
  5. Keanu Murray (QLD)
  6. David Scicluna (QLD)
  7. Corey Hanson (QLD)
  8. Corey Harber (ACT)
  9. Mathew Lloyd (NSW)
  10. Kyle West (QLD)
  11. Nathan Ware (NT)
  12. Shannon Ware (NT)
  13. Michelle Christensen (NT)
  14. Ian Aubeck (NSW)
  15. Frank Cooke (ACT)
  16. Will Mison (QLD)

Restricted Masters:

Scores Link

  1. Katelyn Smith (NSW)
  2. Johnathon Goss (TAS)
  3. Hayley Flanigan (ACT)
  4. George Tulip (NSW)
  5. Hysam Elrich (NSW)
  6. Amanda Rogers (NT)
  7. Aimee Smith (NSW)
  8. Russell Whit (QLD)
  9. Mark Thompson (NSW)
  10. Steven Floyd (NSW)
  11. Richard Foster (NSW)
  12. Corey Madsen (WA)
  13. Chris Lyon (WA)
  14. Karen Klose (NT)
  15. Richard Aouchan (NSW)
  16. Jennifer Kupiers (NSW)

George Tulip (NSW) and Mark Thompson (NSW) were late withdrawals from todays Restricted Masters. Ken Wickham (NSW) and Michael Wade (NSW) replaces the two withdrawals.