New & Improved Results Portal

By Chris Rushton
July 16, 2019

Following the launch of the new and improved this week, Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) have released a refreshed results portal, giving a new look and feel as well as a number of new features for bowlers.

With a growing number of tournaments appearing on the results portal, TBA has now made the portal mobile friendly for users, with it now displaying a number of new statistics aggregated from members across the sport.

If you have ever wondered how many 300 games have been bowled in a year or what the average league bowler average is in Australia, you can now see this information and much more on the main page of the portal.

For TBA members who bowl in a centre with this technology they will see league and tournament statistics displayed in a more user friendly way with statistics such as strike and spare ratio and nine spares also displayed. The new look also sees the awards won by individual bowlers given a refresh.

The new and improved portal also allows bowlers to look at statistics from across their league including league average, strikes per game, spare rate and top five averages. Pindication is now available with members being able to see pin leaves, first ball effectiveness and makeable spares.

So why not login to the portal check out the new look and feel and the new statistics available to help improve your game!

With a number of additions in the pipeline this new release is another great benefit to TBA members across Australia.

Click here to visit the new and improved portal and login to check out your statistics and information.