New TBA Website

By Emily Rennes
April 5, 2019

Welcome to the new-look website for Tenpin Bowling Australia; it’s easier to navigate, has better search facilities and connects our community in new and exciting ways!

So what’s new?
We’ve tried to make our new website a little easier to navigate, use our menu bar to find most of the content from the old website along with some new content.
Events will take you to TBA’s event information pages.
News is our usual feed of up-to-date stories
Bowl is for all our existing and new bowlers, find out where, why and how
Coach for new and existing coaches register, do a course, or become a better coach
Programs we’ve been busy with our Bowl Patrol, Sporting Schools and All Ability opportunities
About is all our contact details along with a little more info about Tenpin Bowling Australia

Scroll down on the homepage to see our quick links, videos and social media feed. Got some feedback for us? Let us know via this Survey >Emily to add link<.

We’re very proud to launch our new website following months of development and testing.
Our old website (image below) is no longer available, if you’re looking for something on our new site, try the ‘search’ function in the top, right of screen or the site map at the bottom of the homepage. Still can’t find it? Let us know via this Survey link >Emily to add<

The old TBA website will no longer be available


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