New Website

By Emily Rennes
June 21, 2019

We hope you’re enjoying our upgraded website, a response to the sometimes frustrating old website, the new format should be easier to navigate. We’ve also got some exciting new features that’ll connect our members to an enhanced digital experience. Provide feedback or log an issue here.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? It can be tricky on a new website sometimes, here’s where some of the more commonly accessed information sits;

EVENTS; for all our national championships, accredited and ranked events, rules and record scores.

NEWS; we’ll keep this and you up to date with the latest in Tenpin Bowling both here and abroad by our Australian representatives.

BOWL; can info for people who want to bowl, it includes league information, stationary, FAQ, High Performance and Centres.

ACCREDITATION; for coaches, events and team managers, information about courses, accreditation and renewal.

PROGRAMS; where our All Abilities, Bowl Patrol and Sporting School initiatives can be found.

ABOUT; for our people, policies, Hall of Fame and contact details.

You can ‘Search’ from the top right of the homepage. There’s also quick links on the homepage, a menu at the bottom of most pages and/or on the right hands side of your screen, as well as along the top as a breadcrumb trail (so you know where you’ve been and how you got there!).
Have feedback on our website or want to let us know of an error (we’re only human!)… please log it here: Website Feedback

Some of our States and Territory Associations will follow shortly, with Tenpin Bowling Australia capable of feeding information to their websites for consistent messaging across the country. This is part of TBA’s commitment to delivering best-possible services to its existing and potential members, stakeholders and the general public.