NTS 18 Manager Appointed following EOI process

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 14, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Morgan James as the new manager of the National Training Squad for junior bowlers (NTS18), following a comprehensive expression of interest process.

Morgan will be joining forces with Lyn Alexander to guide our junior National Training Squad, stepping into the roles previously held by Jamie and Dee Taafe, who have provided years of invaluable support and service.

Morgan brings a wealth of experience to the role, not only from a distinguished 25-year tenure within the Australian bowling community as an athlete but also through significant management experience, including her current role as a team leader for digital strategy and innovation at the Brisbane City Council. Her commitment to the sport, combined with a profound desire to give back and foster the development of the next generation of athletes, aligns perfectly with the goals of Tenpin Bowling Australia.

Based at Logan City Tenpin in Queensland, Morgan has been an active and passionate member of the bowling community, contributing significantly both on and off the lanes. With a background that includes managing a South East Queensland Shield team and drawing from her experiences in professional environments, Morgan is uniquely equipped to lead our young athletes towards achieving their sporting goals.

Her approach to management—characterised by authenticity, compassion, and a commitment to excellence—promises to create a supportive and positive environment for our athletes. Furthermore, her ability to relate to young bowlers, backed by a lifetime of experience in the sport and a legacy of family involvement in bowling administration, positions her as an ideal figure to inspire and guide our juniors.

As we welcome Morgan to her new role, we also extend our deepest gratitude to Jamie and Dee Taafe for their years of dedication and outstanding contribution to the NTS18. Their legacy of support has been instrumental in shaping the future of junior bowling in Australia.

We look forward to seeing our junior athletes flourish under their guidance and contribute to the proud legacy of Tenpin Bowling in Australia.

Join us in congratulating Morgan on her new role and wishing her the best of success.