NTS 50 Squad announcement

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 8, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is excited to unveil the athletes selected in the 2022 NTS 50 squad. 

The National Training Squad’s announcement follows the release of NTS Evolution, which detailed changes to TBA’s High-Performance program. 

NTS 50 takes over from the previously named TBA Senior National Training Squad and will continue to be a team for athletes aged 50 and over with an NTS 65 component to be added in 2022.

Last year, due to COVID-19, not as many ranked events took place as they normally would, with head coach Eric Jang explaining its effect when selecting the team. 

“Many players did not compete at events or could only compete at one event without much practice due to bowling centres being closed,” Jang said. 

“It affected their performance. As a result, we were reluctant to make changes to the squads.

“We maintained the squad members from the previous year and have added a few new squad members due to some outstanding results,” he added.

There are intentions to review the men’s and women’s squads in May 2022 once three ranked events have taken place.  

With international events next year still to be confirmed, the introduction of the Trans-Tasman Cup, a best of three series featuring both singles and team events that TBA hope to introduce with the support of Tenpin Bowling New Zealand, has the squad excited. 

“We are hopeful that there is an introduction of a Trans-Tasman Cup in 2022, which will be a new event on the TBA calendar,” Jang said.

“There are no other international events scheduled for 2022 which will allow players the time to redevelop,” he concluded.

TBA will continue announcing the members of its four NTS programs this week, with NTS 21 announced tomorrow before the NTS 18 announcement on Friday.

Please find the full squad list for the NTS 50 below.

NTS 50 Female Team

  • Suzanne Wenzel
  • Mary Dodds
  • Cheryl Womack
  • Tracey Crisp
  • Christine Clark
  • Sue Cassell
  • Janet Baker
  • Jenny Burton-Douglas
  • Julie Harrison
  • Robyn Flynn
  • Jo Babic

NTS 50 Male Team

  • Ashley Riley
  • Barry Dodds
  • Brett Smith
  • Andrew Lloyd
  • Andrew Thorpe
  • Chris Bateup
  • Mike Muir
  • Shaun Cummings
  • Warren Stewart
  • Mick Talevski
  • Graeme Morgan
  • Jim Karakostas
  • David Farquharson
  • Morty Douglass
  • Tony Hamilton

Team Officials

• Eric Jang – Head Coach
• Bill Gardiner – Assistant Coach
• Bob Whybrow – Assistant Coach
• Janine Matheson – Team Manager

Please note the states indicated on the graphics are the states and territories that the athlete currently resides.


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