NTS Inclusion Squad – Progress Report and Head Coach Position Announcement

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 17, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is pleased to announce that it has commenced work on its new National Training Squad (NTS) Inclusion Squad for its High-Performance program.

Following the introduction announcement of the initiative in December 2021, TBA is increasing its involvement and responsibility for our top athletes with a disability by providing development opportunities and pathways to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

The beginning stages of the initiative involved the formation of an NTS Inclusion Advisory Panel that has recently met for the first time.

“I am thrilled to be working with such a skilled and diverse group of people in the NTS Inclusion Advisory Panel,” said High-Performance Manager Mike Griffith.

“The panel has met to discuss the path forward and will be implementing plans shortly.

“The level of experience, expertise and dedication shown to achieve our vision has been really pleasing to witness” added Griffith.

The panel currently consists of six members who were identified as appropriate contacts within the disability sector of the sport. The panel members include those with experience across coaching, sports management and disability fields.

NTS Inclusion Advisory Panel

  • 1. Jenny Tiernan (NT)
  • 2. Paul Jenner (NSW)
  • 3. Louise Eady (VIC)
  • 4. Kaye Talbot (NT)
  • 5. Eileen Scott (VIC)
  • 6. Mike Griffith (TBA)

The NTS Inclusion Advisory Panel will be critical in supporting further planning and implementation of this initiative. It is expected that the squad will be up and running by the second half of 2022, with athletes and coaches selected.

NTS Inclusion Head Coach Position

Step one in the process will be appointing a Head Coach for the NTS Inclusion Squad.

An expression of Interest is being released on Friday the 18th of March via email to the sports experienced Silver Plus and Silver Elite Coaches.

The role will be that of an NTS Head Coach, joining our other four NTS Head coaches as part of the National Training Squad and Team Australia. The NTS Inclusion Head Coach will be responsible for coordinating all four classifications of NTS Inclusion (Vision, Hearing, Physical and Intellectual), including assistant coaches, managers, and athletes.

“This is an exciting and unique opportunity for one of our Silver coaches to enter the NTS,” said Griffith.

“They will be integral in the formation of NTS Inclusion by assisting with the selection of athletes and other positions in the squad.

“This is a new position that is expected to be both challenging and rewarding by having the opportunity to craft something from the ground up in allowing our elite Inclusion athletes to join Team Australia and to see them shine on the international stage” added Griffith.

Commencing in 2022, the new Inclusion NTS will cover 4 classifications for each gender:

                1.            Blind or Vision Impaired ATHLETES: Classification required

                2.            Deaf or Hearing-Impaired ATHLETES: Classification required

                3.            Paralympic or Wheelchair: (W1) Para/Amputee, (W2) Quad Classification

                4.            Intellectual Impairment: Intellectual disability and Autism

Tenpin Bowling Australia looks forward to receiving applications from those interested in becoming the inaugural NTS Inclusion head coach and providing further updates on the project in 2022.