Official Correction and Update on the 2023 National Junior Rankings

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 27, 2024

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) wishes to inform all stakeholders of an important correction pertaining to the previously announced 2023 National Rankings for the Junior Division.

Through our continuous commitment to integrity and transparency, an error was identified in the published calculations for the junior division’s 2023 National Rankings. This discrepancy arose due to a misalignment between our policy guidelines and the system employed to calculate the rankings.

According to our established policy, the National Junior Rankings should be finalised using the following criteria:

  • Best two junior events, the Australian Masters, and the best other division event

Contrary to this, the initial calculation included:

  • The best three junior events and the best other division event, inadvertently excluding the Australian Junior Masters requirement for final calculations.

This oversight affected the outcome of the finalised published 2023 National Junior Rankings.

The published winners of Emily Hart and Blake Walsh were unable to participate in the Australian Masters due to their commitments with the Australian Team at the Asian Youth Championship and received 0 ranking points for this event.

Upon recognising this discrepancy, TBA determined it was unjust to penalise Emily Hart and Blake Walsh for the administrative oversight. Consequently, TBA is upholding the initial results while also honouring the accurate calculations as per policy guidelines.

This resolution leads to the declaration of dual winners for the 2023 National Junior Rankings, recognising Nicholas Rajkovic from Victoria and Emily Hinspeter, in addition to Emily Hart and Blake Walsh.

Nathan Stein, TBA National Bowling and Operations Manager, stated, “We are deeply committed to fairness and transparency in all our operations. Acknowledging this error and rectifying it by awarding dual winners underscores our dedication to these values. We extend our congratulations to all athletes and appreciate their understanding and the sportsmanship displayed during this process.”

TBA has directly communicated with all relevant bowlers regarding this error and the consequent resolution. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with all parties expressing comfort with the determined solution.

To prevent similar occurrences in the future, TBA is implementing additional processes for the 2024 rankings to facilitate earlier identification of potential issues. Moreover, we are enhancing the transparency of our operations and aiming for quicker publishing of ranking points following the scheduled events.

The National Rankings Policy is now accessible on the policy webpage of our website via the rankings hub, ensuring all stakeholders have easy access to our guidelines. Furthermore, TBA is in the final stages of establishing a separate policy for the TBA Inclusion rankings, reaffirming our commitment to inclusivity and fairness across all aspects of tenpin bowling in Australia.

TBA appreciates the understanding and support of the tenpin bowling community as we continue to strive for excellence and integrity in our sport.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing [email protected]