Pal Buddhist School Students Score Big with Tenpin Bowling Adventure

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
October 3, 2023

The students at Pal Buddhist School have discovered the joy of strikes, spares, and friendly competition, thanks to Tenpin Bowling Australia’s involvement with the Australian Sports Commission’s pilot Secondary Sporting Schools program.

The initiative is aimed at engaging teenagers in the sport, and made its way to the school, transforming the regular sports curriculum into an exciting bowling experience.

Overseen by Teacher Elise Ross, 30 students including Naliza, Sana, Sievkech, and Xavier embarked on their Tenpin Bowling journey at the 710 Split Bowl in Fairfield, New South Wales. The sound of pins falling, and cheers of accomplishment filled the bowling alley as the students immersed themselves in the sport, showcasing their evolving skills and enthusiasm.

The experience was met with excitement and appreciation from the students. Year 10 student Naliza gleefully shared, “Tenpin bowling is so much fun to do for school sport!” Her classmate Xavier, who was new to the sport, found the experience rewarding, saying, “I’ve never done bowling before, but I’m slowly getting better. The staff members at 710 Split Bowl would come to help us and show us the correct technique to improve our skills.”

For Year 9 student Sievkech, the program brought out a sense of friendly competition and self-improvement, “I love trying to beat my high score each week and challenge my friends while learning a new sport,” he expressed.

The initiative at Pal Buddhist School reflects Tenpin Bowling Australia’s commitment to fostering a love for the sport among the youth. TBA is sowing the seeds for a lifelong appreciation for the sport by introducing students to Tenpin Bowling in a supportive and engaging environment.

The program’s success at Pal Buddhist School signifies the potential of Tenpin Bowling to become a cherished sport in schools across Australia, promoting physical activity, friendly competition, and skill development.

Tenpin Bowling Australia continues to build on this momentum, aiming to introduce more schools to the exciting world of bowling.

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