By Emily Rennes
December 21, 2020

Whilst many of us have struggled to maintain our activity levels (with good reason) it hasn’t stopped many of our youngest bowlers across the country from maintaining theirs.

Term 4 Bowl Patrol programs have finished up with Patrollers across Australia making their final attempts to achieve the elusive next coloured wristband.
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“Evan (my son) officially achieved his black band in Bowl Patrol yesterday. He did it in a ‘come and try’ session before the start of the Term 4 program, but he managed once again to score 84 in his first game during yesterday’s session at Morley.” A proud parent reported to us earlier this term.

The Lane Ranger responsible; Moira, was yet to officially coach someone to a Black band, but she won’t claim this one as both her and the parent decided he was coached by the state – “he has been at a session with every Lane Ranger in WA!!” reported the parent, who is also the WA Sport Development Officer.  Proving our staff work hard year ‘round, even involving their family in their efforts.

“He got it while I was focusing on sorting out a registration for another parent, so I didn’t see it (the score) and didn’t even get a photo!” Luckily mum was able to find another image, the one above was taken at his unofficial Bowl Patrol presentation last term with Lane Ranger Moira. Join a Bowl Patrol program in 2021 using your sport voucher, register online at

Mia – Sport Development Officer and mum

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