Pocket Preview: 2021 Australian Open

By Matt Stevens
April 2, 2021

The 45th running of the Australian Open will take place from April 2- 4 at ZONE BOWLING Keon Park, Victoria.

2019 Australian Open champion Sam Cooley will be absent due to competing at the USBC Masters in the United States. The absence of Cooley makes it a wide-open event, potentially allowing a first-time champion to be crowned.

Good luck and high scoring to all involved this weekend!

Zone Bowling Keon Park

What? Nationally Ranked Open Event – A21/0056

Where? ZONE BOWLING Keon Park :16-18 Keon Parade, Keon Park VIC 3073

When? 2nd-4th April 2021


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This is the 45th running of the Australian Open.

Sam Cooley won the previous event in 2019 but will not be available to defend his title as he is currently competing in the USBC Masters.

Winners of the 2019 AO & VIC150 – Rebecca Whiting and Sam Cooley
1972Ken Sheehan (Qld)
1973Steve Mackie (NSW)
1974Joe Velo (NSW)
1975Joe Velo (NSW)
1976Vic Bubniw (Vic)
1977Eric Thompson (Vic)
1978Not Contested
1979Not Contested
1980Not Contested
1981Not Contested
1982Ken Watson (NSW)
1983John Sullivan (Vic)
1984Steve Lovell (NSW)
1985Len Hogg (Vic)
1986Steve Lovell (NSW)
1987Len Hogg (Vic)
1988John Sullivan (Vic)
1989Sam Romeo (NSW)
1990Brenton Davy (SA)
1991Mark Ramsay (Qld)
1992Terry Wenban (NSW)
1993Ian Bradford (Vic)
1994Sam Romeo (NSW)
1995Paulo Valdez (Philippines)
1996Carl Bottomley (Qld)
1997Frank Ryan (Vic)
1998Anthony Flynn (Vic)
1999Carl Bottomley (Qld)
2000Matthew Riley (Tas)
2001Cara Honeychurch (Vic)
2002Cara Honeychurch (Vic)
2003Cara Honeychurch (Vic)
2004Brandon Qualischefski (Qld)
2005Michael Little (NSW)
2006David Porto (Vic)
2007George Frilingos (Qld)
2008Matt Riley (NSW)
2009Dominic Barrett (England)
2010Paul Trotter (Vic)
2011Jason Belmonte (NSW)
2012Ben Coupland (NSW)
2013David Porto (Vic)
2014Glen Loader (NSW)
2015Michael Little (NSW)
2016Sam Cooley (NSW)
2017Jarrod Langford (QLD)
2018Sam Cooley (NSW)
2019Sam Cooley (NSW)
2020Not Contested
Australian Open Multiple Winners
Joe Velo (NSW) – 1974 & 1975
John Sullivan (Vic) – 1983 & 1988
Steve Lovell (NSW) – 1984 & 1986
Len Hogg (Vic) – 1985 & 1987
Sam Romeo (NSW) – 1989 & 1994
Carl Bottomley (Qld) – 1996 & 1999
Matt Riley (NSW) – 2000 & 2008
David Porto (Vic) – 2006 & 2013
Cara Honeychurch (Vic) – 2001, 2002 & 2003
Sam Cooley (NSW) – 2016, 2018, 2019
Michael Little (NSW) – 2005, 2015

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