Pocket Preview: 2021 Vic150

By Matt Stevens
April 2, 2021

The second nationally-ranked women’s event for 2021 will get underway today when the 36th running of the VIC150 runs at ZONE BOWLING Keon Park, Victoria.

Rebecca Whiting will be going for an incredible fourth successive VIC150 scratch title in 2021.

Action begins on Good Friday, April 2nd 2021.

Good luck and high scoring to all those competing!

Where? ZONE BOWLING Keon Park :16-18 Keon Parade, Keon Park VIC 3073

When? 2nd-4th April 2021

What? Nationally Ranked Women’s Event – A21/0057

Facebook-  here

Entry Form –  here

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This is the 36th running of the VIC150

2019 VIC150 & AO Champions Rebecca Whiting & Sam Cooley

Rebecca Whiting is the defending champion. Whiting has won an incredible three Vic150 titles in a row, four overall (2008, 2017, 2018, 2019)

1985Annette Main (Qld)Christene Webster (Vic)
1986Carol Gianotti (WA)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1987Kerry Baker (Vic)Barb Richmond (Qld)
1988Bev Freestone (NSW)Ruth Guerster (Vic)
1989Dana Miller (USA)Jenny King (Vic)
1990Jeanette Baker (SA)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1991Jeanette Baker (SA)Alison Fisher (Qld)
1992Teena Peake (SA)Debbie Biviano (NSW)
1993Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Sandra Davis (NSW)
1994Chris Roughly (NSW)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
1995Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Tracey Sweeney (NSW)
1996Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Sue Cassell (NSW)
1997Jeanette Baker (Vic)Joy Hayman (NSW)
1998Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Cindy Watts (Vic)
1999Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Debbie Naughton (Vic)
2000Amanda Bradley (NSW)Carol Lillis (Vic)
2001Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Barbara Wroblewska (Vic)
2002Amanda Bradley (NSW)Monique Stute (Vic)
2003Katie Kotteakos (NSW)Lisa Trowell (Vic)
2004Natalie Shelley (Vic)Katrina Brennan (Vic)
2005Tracey Madden (Vic)Vikki Taylor (ACT)
2006Cheryl Langlands (Vic)Lorraine Miller (Vic)
2007Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Jessica Dzioba (Vic)
2008Rebecca Whiting (NSW)Brenda Kirkwood (WA)
2009Narelle Baker (Vic)Amy Farrell (Vic)
2010Natalie Shelley (Vic)Leesa Bartram (Qld)
2011Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Courtney Stace (Vic)
2012Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Susanne Jack (NSW)
2013Kate Pilkington (Qld)Rebekah Commane (Vic)
2014Kate Pilkington (QLD)Nola Downie (NSW)
2015Amanda De Lange (VIC)Terral Silcox (VIC)
2016Kate Pilkington (QLD)Shellie Van Dalen (QLD)
2017Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Debbie Naughten (VIC)
2018Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Debbie Naughten (VIC)
2019Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Nola Downie (NSW)
2020Not ContestedNot Contested
Multiple Vic150 Winners
Cheryl Munson (NSW) 1986 & 1990
Amanda Bradley (NSW)  2000 & 2002
Natalie Shelley (Vic)  2004 & 2010
Jeanette Baker (SA)  1990, 1991 & 1997
Cara Honeychurch (Vic)  1993, 1995 & 1996
Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)  1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2011 & 2012
Kate Pilkington (QLD) 2013, 2014, 2016
Rebecca Whiting (VIC) 2008, 2017, 2018, 2019