Pocket Preview: 2022 Hammer QLD Seniors Classic

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
January 13, 2022

Ranked event bowling returns on Friday night with the Hammer Queensland Seniors Classic set to get underway at Caboolture Bowl.

After the 2021 event was rescheduled to May, the Hammer returns to its original calendar slot in 2022 for the Senior and Grand Senior division. The always-popular event has received high interest once again with over 100 bowlers putting their name down for one of three squads.

Scheduled over three days from Friday the 14th to Sunday the 16th of January, bowlers will bowl 18 games in their allocated squad over two appearances, with 10 on the first day and 8 on the second. The male and female bowlers with the highest pinfall after all three squads have completed their 18 games will be crowned champions of the event.

Carl Bottomley and Sue Cassell will be in attendance defending their 2021 titles. In addition, TBA Hall of Famer Sue Cassell will be aiming for her third straight title in the event and headline an extensive line-up of NTS 50 bowlers.

The newly named NTS 50 squad will feature heavily, with near 90% of the 26-bowler squad in attendance.

All three squads filled fast as entries opened late last year. Due to the impact of the COVID situation around the country, a small number of bowlers have withdrawn which has opened approximately 10 spots. If you want to give ranked event bowling a crack to start the new year, find out more information on the entry form below.

Good luck and high scoring to all bowlers in attendance this weekend!

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This is the 18th running of the Hammer QLD Seniors Classic.

Sue Cassell and Carl Bottomley will be in attendance as defending champions of the event. Cassell will be striving for her third title in a row at the event.

2005Gary BernardinJeanette Baker
2006Lawrie HillJeanette Baker
2007Mike SullivanJeanette Baker
2008Terry WenbanJeanette Baker
2009Tony StoppelRobyn Flynn
2010Garry CrickRobyn Flynn
2011Graeme MorganChristine Webster
2012Graeme MorganJeanette Baker
2013Warren StewartHeather Robertson
2014Jim BakirtzidisChristine Clark
2015Steven SmithChristine Clark
2016Bob WhybrowChristine Clark
2017Craig PearsallTracey Crisp
2018Andrew ThorpeJulie Harrison
2019Tony HamiltonJulie Harrison
2020Tony HamiltonSue Cassell
2021Carl BottomleySue Cassell

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All bowlers will bowl 18 games in their allocated squad over two separate appearances—ten games on one day, eight on the other. The bowlers in each division with the highest pinfall will be the 2021 champions.

Ranking points will be allocated to all bowlers that are silver members prior to bowling this event. You must ensure you have both 2022 League Membership AND 2022 Silver Upgrade Membership. Click here to renew or join now!

As of the morning of the 14th January

Until further notice, Tenpin Bowling Centres in Queensland are categorised as Indoor entertainment venues and therefore participants and spectators at all Tenpin Bowling venues will need to be vaccinated.

COVID requirements in QLD for Participants & Spectators of the Hammer

  • Ensure Hand hygiene is followed,
  • Ensure Social distance protocols are followed, 
  • Comply with occupancy density regulations as detailed by the centre,
  • Check in via the Queensland QR code app,
  • Wear facemasks at all times seated or standing,
  • Facemasks may be removed while actively bowling.
  • Reduce spectators where possible
  • Arrive as close to timeline of starting to bowl as possible
  • If you are not well, there will be zero tolerance and you will not be permitted to bowl or stay at the venue
  • Ask entrants to keep in their own bubble as much as possible including after hours at accommodation places
  • For the safety of others it is recommended to have a RAT test prior to bowling if you have any symptoms.
  • Participants must have proof of vaccination
  • Staff and volunteers delivering sport and recreation services in Qld will need to be double vaccinate

Further Information can be found by clicking here