Pocket Preview: 2022 Werribee Youth Cup

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 24, 2022

The first youth division ranked event for 2022 is set to get underway this weekend with the 19th Werribee Youth Cup in Victoria.

The Werribee Youth Cup will kick off on Saturday, with participants bowling ten games. The top 12 boys and top 6 girls will progress to Sunday’s schedule, seeing the boys bowl five additional games to provide the top 6 that will move to the match play finals.

This year is a bit different to the previous editions since it will be hosted at Wyncity Keon Park.

Following the purchase of the Keon Park site by the Wyncity group, the new owners and operators are excited to welcome bowlers to the famous venue.

“We have moved the event to a centre that has long been the home for many historic ranked bowling tournaments,” said Wyncity Manager Warren Stewart in December 2021.

“It truly is a special place for so many people, both in Victoria and for travelling tournament bowlers, a place we want tournament bowling to take centre stage.

“We can’t wait to welcome the youth bowlers to Wyncity Keon Park Bowl, where the next generation of bowlers will be on full display at the iconic venue”, added Stewart.

After failing to run in 2021 due to COVID restrictions, TBA is excited to see the return of the event in 2022.

We wish all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring over the weekend at the 2022 Werribee Youth Cup.

  • What? Nationally Ranked Youth Division Event – A22/0036
  • Where? Wyncity Keon Park , 16 Keon Parade, Thomastown
  • When? February 26 & 27 2022
  • Entry Form – Download here

Click here to view the scores and results of the event as Tournament organisers enter them.

This is the 19th running of the event.  The first event was in 2003 which saw Brandon Qualischefski (Qld) & Clair Johnston (SA) become the first champions.

Bernie Grueso Jr returns to defend his 2020 title. The 2020 female champion, Amy Shoesmith, has opted not to bowl in this year’s event.

Bernie Grueso Jr is striving for his third WYC title after winning this event twice in 2017 and 2020.

2003       Brandon Qualischefski (Qld)Clair Johnston (SA)
2004       Jason Belmonte (NSW)Jayde Flanagan (Qld)
2005Glen Loader (Vic)Clair Johnston (SA
2006Glen Loader (Vic)Louise Ingoe (SA)
2007David Porto (Vic)Emily Robertson (Vic)
2008David Porto (Vic) Emily Robertson (Vic)
2009Mitch Marris (WA)Alicia Savill (Qld)
2010 Sam Cooley (NSW)Kirsten Field (Vic)
2011Sam Cooley (NSW)Bec Whiting (Vic)
2012Matthew Harriage (Vic)Kaitlyn Commane (Tas)
2013Paul White (Vic)Emily Rigney (Vic)
2014Jayden Leming (Qld)Rachel Glare (Vic)
2015Michael Murray (VIC)Carly Giordmaina (VIC)
2016 Blayne Fletcher (QLD)Janet Hunt (NSW)
2017Bernie Grueso Jr (VIC)Janet Hunt (NSW)
2018Matt Clague (QLD)Emma Stephens (NSW)
2019Trent Webber (SA) Chloe Jones (QLD)
2020Bernie Grueso Jr (VIC)  Amy Shoesmith (ACT)

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Day 1 – Saturday

All participants will bowl 10 games on Saturday. Games will be broken into 2 x 5 game blocks with a lane re-oil in between. The top 12 boys and top 6 girls will progress to Sunday (Day 2).

Day 2 – Sunday

The top 12 boys will bowl 5 games with the top 6 progressing to match play.


The top 6 boy and top 6 girl bowlers will bowl 5 games match play.

The boy and girl bowler with the highest total pinfall plus bonus after all 3 stages will be declared the 2022 Werribee Youth Cup Champions.

As of 22/02/2022