Pocket Preview: John Sullivan Senior Australian Open 2021

By Matt Stevens
March 13, 2021

The first nationally ranked senior event for 2021 will kick off today with the John Sullivan Senior Australian Open at ZONE BOWLING Keon Park, Victoria.

John Sullivan was inducted into the TBA hall of fame in 1989. Considered one of the top bowlers in the 1970’s and 80’s, the addition of the name to the Senior Australian Open last year was driven from community wide respect for the bowler.

A total of three divisions will be in play this weekend– Men’s, Ladies and Grand Senior Male, with a Grand Senior Ladies bonus for Grand Senior ladies that dont cash in the ladies division. The format a straight forward one. Bowlers will bowl 16 games over two days on Saturday and Sunday.

Victorian and national representative Christine Clark will be striving for her third Seniors AO in a row after winning in 2019 and 2020.


What? Nationally Ranked Seniors Event – A21/0006

Where? ZONE BOWLING Keon Park

When? March 13-14, 2021

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This is the 15th running of the Senior Australian Open

Andrew Lloyd & Christine Clark. Grand Senior- Jeanette Baker and Jim Bakirtzidis

2020 Senior Australian Open Winner – Andrew Lloyd with Charlie Sullivan, son of John Sullivan

Grand Seniors = GS

  • 2007: Merv Billing and Jeanette Baker
  • 2008:
  • 2009: Bob Whybrow, Jeanette Baker . GS: Stephen Bell, Alain Cossadeaux
  • 2010: Tony Stoppel, Julie Hird. GS: Stephen Bell and Ingrid Coburn
  • 2011: Bill Johnson, Jeanette Baker, GS: Brien Show-yin, Barb Richmond
  • 2012: Brenton Davy, Jeanette Baker, GS: Rob Zikman, Maxine Forrest
  • 2013: Brenton Davy, Jeanette Baker, GS: Mike Kennedy, Barb Richmond
  • 2014: Mick Talevski, Jeanette Baker, GS: Stephen Bell, Christene Webster
  • 2015: Bill Johnson, Heather Robertson, GS: Stephen Bell, Jeanette Baker
  • 2016: Mick Talevski, Lee Booth, GS: Jim Bakirtzidis, Jeanette Baker
  • 2017: Bill Johnson, Julie Harrison, GS: Jim Bakirtzidis, Jeanette Baker
  • 2018: Kevin Webb, Jeanette Baker, GS:Mick Talevski, Lee Booth
  • 2019: Ralph Harford, Christine Clark, GS:Terry Wenban, Sarah Knowland
  • 2020: Andrew Lloyd, Christine Clark, GS: Jim Bakirtzidis and Jeanette Baker

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All bowlers will bowl 16 games in two (2) squads 3 divisions Men’s and Ladies and Men’s Grand Seniors.

8 games on Saturday and 8 games on Sunday (With a Grand Senior Ladies Bonus for GS ladies that do not cash in the ladies division)

Saturday March 13
Squad A – Check-in by 8:30am – Bowl 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)
Lanes washed and oiled
Squad B – Check in by 1:00pm – Bowl 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)
Sunday March 14
Squad B- Bowl at 8:00am – 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)
Lanes washed and oiled
Squad A – Bowl at 1:00pm – 8 games (4 blocks x 2 games)
Presentation to occur as soon as bowling concludes.