Pocket Preview: Kegel QLD Open

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
March 3, 2023

The Kegel Queensland (QLD) Open gets underway this weekend at Caboolture Bowl & Mini Golf to kick off the Open division ranked event season.

The 13th running of the Kegel QLD Open will be the first of five Open division ranked events in 2023. The popular event is once again full of 108 registered bowlers in four squads scheduled to occur.

Apart from when the event had both a male and female division in the first running in 2011, local Caboolture bowler Alicia Melton will return as the defending champion after dethroning the ‘King in the North’ in 2022, stopping a streak of four consecutive titles for Jarrod Langford.

One notable absentee for the event will be Langford. Currently, in the USA bowling PBA events, Langford’s absence will open up the opportunity for another new champion to be crowned.

The event will see all bowlers complete 12 games in six two-game blocks. Upon completion of stage 1, the top 32 will advance to stage 2 with pinfall carried for an additional four-game block. Stage three will then see the top 16 advance for another four games (pinfall carried) before the top 8 will advance to the ‘footy style’ finals system.

The action commences on Friday night with A Squad to kick things off.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring on the weekend.

2011George Frillingos (Mens) & Ann Maree Putney (Women’s)
2012Brendan Meads
2013Michael Little
2014Brendan Meads
2015Jarrod Langford
2016Sam Cooley
2017Adam Hayes
2018Sam Cooley
2019Jarrod Langford
2020Jarrod Langford
2021Jarrod Langford
2022Alicia Melton


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