Pocket Preview: VIC 150

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 14, 2022

The Vic 150 is one of the more unique events on the ranked event calendar and will kick off the women’s division season this weekend at Zone Bowling Frankston in Victoria.

Bowled in conjunction with the Australian Open, the Vic150 has two divisions – scratch and graded.

After qualifying, the top 12 of each division advance to the matchplay finals. It is at this stage that the event showcases its uniqueness by pairing both divisions together to form teams of two.

Victorians Rebekah Martin and Lisa Gaylor will both return this year to defend their 2021 title and the ever-dangerous Rebecca Whiting will look to claim Vic 150 title number five.

In what will be the first women’s division ranked event for the year, bowlers will be keen to hit the lanes and give it their all!

We wish all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring over the easter weekend.

  • What? Nationally Ranked event – Women’s Division A22/0052
  • Where? Zone Bowling Frankston, Victoria
  • When? 15-17 April 2022
  • Facebookhere
  • Entry Formhere

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This is the 37th running of the VIC 150.

The defending co-champions – Rebekah Martin and Lisa Gaylor 2021.

1985Annette Main (Qld)Christene Webster (Vic)
1986Carol Gianotti (WA)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1987Kerry Baker (Vic)Barb Richmond (Qld)
1988Bev Freestone (NSW)Ruth Guerster (Vic)
1989Dana Miller (USA)Jenny King (Vic)
1990Jeanette Baker (SA)Cheryl Munson (NSW)
1991Jeanette Baker (SA)Alison Fisher (Qld)
1992Teena Peake (SA)Debbie Biviano (NSW)
1993Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Sandra Davis (NSW)
1994Chris Roughly (NSW)Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)
1995Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Tracey Sweeney (NSW)
1996Cara Honeychurch (Vic)Sue Cassell (NSW)
1997Jeanette Baker (Vic)Joy Hayman (NSW)
1998Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Cindy Watts (Vic)
1999Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Debbie Naughton (Vic)
2000Amanda Bradley (NSW)Carol Lillis (Vic)
2001Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Barbara Wroblewska (Vic)
2002Amanda Bradley (NSW)Monique Stute (Vic)
2003Katie Kotteakos (NSW)Lisa Trowell (Vic)
2004Natalie Shelley (Vic)Katrina Brennan (Vic)
2005Tracey Madden (Vic)Vikki Taylor (ACT)
2006Cheryl Langlands (Vic)Lorraine Miller (Vic)
2007Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Jessica Dzioba (Vic)
2008Rebecca Whiting (NSW)Brenda Kirkwood (WA)
2009Narelle Baker (Vic)Amy Farrell (Vic)
2010Natalie Shelley (Vic)Leesa Bartlem (Qld)
2011Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Courtney Stace (Vic)
2012Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)Susanne Jack (NSW)
2013Kate Pilkington (Qld)Rebekah Commane (Vic)
2014Kate Pilkington (QLD)Nola Downie (NSW)
2015Amanda De Lange (VIC)Terral Silcox (VIC)
2016Kate Pilkington (QLD)Shellie Van Dalen (QLD)
2017Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Debbie Naughten (VIC)
2018Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Debbie Naughten (VIC)
2019Rebecca Whiting (VIC)Nola Downie (NSW)
2020Not ContestedNot Contested
2021Rebekah Martin (VIC)Lisa Gaylor (VIC)
Multiple Vic150 Winners
Cheryl Munson (NSW) 1986 & 1990
Amanda Bradley (NSW)  2000 & 2002
Natalie Shelley (Vic)  2004 & 2010
Jeanette Baker (SA)  1990, 1991 & 1997
Cara Honeychurch (Vic)  1993, 1995 & 1996
Ann-Maree Putney (NSW)  1994, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2007, 2011 & 2012
Kate Pilkington (QLD) 2013, 2014, 2016
Rebecca Whiting (VIC) 2008, 2017, 2018, 2019

2017 Champion Rebecca Whiting with top three pairings

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Qualifying Format

All bowlers will bowl 16 games qualifying in B squad (8 Games Friday, 8 Games Saturday). At the completion of qualifying, the top 12 bowlers in the Scratch Division & Top 12 in the Graded Division (includes hcp) will advance to the Match Play finals on Sunday.

Graded bowlers will be re handicapped after qualifying. Bowlers will be allocated pins for 10 games, based on their entering average (used for handicapping purposes only). At the end of qualifying, the pinfall for the 16 games will be added to the allocated 10 games pins and the result divided by 26 to determine the entering average used for the finals.

VIC 150 Finals

Pinfall will carry over for both Scratch and Graded Bowlers(includes hcp) The top 12 scratch bowlers and top 12 graded bowlers will be paired into doubles bowling 11 match play games with the bonus system of 20 pins for a win, 10 points for a draw and zero points for a loss. At the completion of the 11 match play games the pairings with the highest pinfall (including bonuses) will be declared the “2022 Vic-150 Co-Champions


1st placed open bowler will be paired with the 12th placed graded bowler and the 12th placed open bowler with the 1st placed graded bowler. (If we have a tie for 1st place after match play a 1 game roll-off will be bowled)


All bowlers will bowl 16 games of qualifying in their squad (8 games Friday, 8 games Saturday)

Friday 15th April B Squad

(VIC 150) check-in by 1:00pm B Squad (VIC 150) bowl 8 games in 2 game blocks at 1:30pm

Saturday 16th April

B Squad (VIC 150) bowl 8 games in 2 game blocks at 7:30am

Sunday 17th April

Top 12 Finalists in Open & Graded Check-In by 10:00am

Top 12 teams bowl 11 games match play at 10:15am

Lane change after each game of matchplay in finals.

Presentations Commence at 4:30pm

As of 13th April 2022

This is the first women’s division event for 2022.

All rankings are automatically updated on the current points webpage for eligible participants once the rankings administrator processes the results following the conclusion of a ranked event.

Bowlers wishing to be ranked must be current silver registered members.  Rankings points will only be recorded for bowlers competing in a ranked event if they were current financial silver registered members before bowling their first ball in that ranked event.  Please note that a silver registration consists of a league/junior membership + Silver Upgrade.

Don’t forget to have your proof of COVID vaccination on you at all times in case required upon entry to the venue.

There are many ways to show your vaccination status, but the easiest way is by getting your COVID-19 Digital Certificate and linking it to your Service Victoria app.

When you check-in to a venue using the Service Victoria App, this will automatically verify your vaccination status if you have linked your COVID-19 Digital Certificate.

Visit how to get your COVID-19 Digital Certificate and link it to the Service Victoria App. You can only do this once you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Other eligible proof of COVID-19 vaccination:

Individuals under the age of 18 years are not required to show proof of their vaccination to enter a venue.


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