Ranked Recap: Grand National Youth Eliminator

By Matt Stevens
November 20, 2023

In the bustling atmosphere of Caboolture Bowl & Mini Golf situated in Morayfield, Queensland, the Grand National Youth Eliminator marked its conclusion to the 2023 Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) ranked event season.

This pivotal youth division event, unfolding over two days, brought together over 50 of some of the most promising bowlers from across the country for one last nationally ranked event for the year.

Competitors competed in a challenging three-stage format, culminating in the much-anticipated Eliminator Finals. This event determined the top youth bowlers of the season and showcased an exciting mixture of emerging talents and seasoned players, highlighting the evolving landscape of Australian youth bowling.

  • 🏆 Tamika Pettigrew (QLD) – Female Division – defeated Hannah Clark 165-158
  • 🏆 Justin Dinham (NSW) – Male Division – defeated Blake Walsh 256-213

🏆 Justin Dinham (NSW) – Male Division Winner

Justin Dinham’s triumph at the Grand National Youth Eliminator marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning bowling career. Hailing from iPlay Tenpin City in Lidcombe, New South Wales, Justin has consistently demonstrated remarkable talent, culminating in multiple top-ten finishes across junior and youth events. His latest victory not only adds to his personal accolades but also extends the prestigious Dinham legacy in the sport, following the path of his renowned sibling, Jordan Dinham. As a two-time national titleholder, with last year’s Junior Sydney Cup under his belt, Justin’s performance at the Eliminator cements his status as a rising star in Australian Tenpin Bowling. Looking ahead, Justin is set to compete in the National Team Trials in January, eyeing a spot on NTS 18, and is eagerly anticipated to make his national team debut.

🏆 Tamika Pettigrew (QLD) – Female Division Winner

Tamika Pettigrew’s win at the Grand National Youth Eliminator is a testament to her resilience and skill. Dual centre league bowler at Mt Warren Lanes and Logan City Tenpin, the Queenslander has been a dominant force in youth bowling 2023. Her victory at this major event, following a remarkable season with wins at the Sunshine State Showdown and the Sydney Youth Cup, underscores her exceptional talent. Despite facing the setback of non-selection for the Asian Youth Championships, Tamika is determined to prove doubters wrong. As she prepares for the upcoming National Team Trials in January, her goal is clear: to secure a spot on NTS21 for the second consecutive year and start 2024 with a statement, positioning herself as a strong contender for future Australian team opportunities.

  • Male Division:
  • 🏆🥇Justin Dinham
  • 🥈Blake Walsh
  • 🥉Cameron Stein & Liam Cochrane
  • Female Division
  • 🏆🥇Tamika Pettigrew
  • 🥈Hannah Clark
  • 🥉Samantha Clifton and Emily Hart

👩Female Division

  • Tamika Pettigrew (QLD)
  • Hannah Clark (QLD)
  • Samantha Clifton (NSW) & Emily Hart (SA)
  • Katy Melton (QLD)
  • Aleisha McGarry (NSW)
  • Sophie Jones (QLD)
  • Bella Westlake (QLD)
  • Brooklyn Brooks (SA)
  • Shanae Key (VIC)
  • Jessica Chi (NSW)
  • Ivy Smith (NSW)

👨Male Division

  • Justin Dinham (NSW)
  • Blake Walsh (NSW)
  • Cameron Stein (QLD) & Liam Cochrane (SA)
  • Mitchell Wardrop (VIC)
  • Luke Doyle (QLD)
  • Connor Renton (QLD)
  • Cooper Hillyer (VIC)
  • Seth Gray (VIC)
  • Ben Pettit​​ (NZ)
  • Matthew Purser (QLD)
  • Joshua Buttigieg (NSW)

205.8 avg
236.7 avg

Scores after stages 1 & 2 (14 games)



Ryan Chi (NSW) – 290 & Samantha Clifton (NSW) – 287

  • Aleisha McGarry, from Shellharbour Tenpin in NSW,  had an Impressive performance, making it all the way to the semi-finals to be edged by one pin vs Hannah Clark – Australian bronze medallist at the 2023 Asian Youth Championships.
  • Bella Westlake from Queensland, finished closely behind Aleisha losing in her round 1 final two-game matchup v Katy Melton in dramatic fashion. The two youngsters drew their matchup and forced a playoff which Katy won. Still, at only 14 years old – the high place finish at a youth event is a fantastic achievement.
  • Joshua Buttigieg: From Bowlarama Wetherill Park,NSW,  showcased his talent with a notable finish in P12.
  • All the above bowlers are 15-year-olds or younger competing in a youth national title.

Defending 2022 title champions Jackson Buckingham finished 15th, Samantha Clifton secured third place

The Grand National Youth Eliminator not only sets the stage for an exciting future in youth bowling but also caps off a year where many top performers like Blake Walsh and Emily Hart showcased their incredible talents both nationally and internationally. Their impressive performances in this event are a fitting end to a year marked by remarkable achievements. As the sport looks forward to the next season, these young athletes’ continued development and dedication to the sport, promise to keep the landscape of Australian youth bowling vibrant and highly competitive.


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