Ranked Recap: Suncity Inclusion Cup

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 27, 2023

Husband and wife duo Amanda and Jason Threlfall have been crowned inaugural champions of the Suncity Inclusion Cup at the AGL National High-Performance Centre on the Sunshine Coast this weekend.

Meeting 30 years ago at a job interview, the married duo of Amanda and Jason Threlfall are now the inaugural champions of the first-ever inclusion-division ranked event in Australia.

After announcing herself at the Para Bowling World Cup last year as Australia’s new world champion, Amanda Threlfall has started 2023 the way she finished 2022 – a winner, but this time husband Jason has joined in on the fun.

Competitors would start the tournament by completing twelve games on day one. At the first day’s close, Amanda would sit in second place behind fellow Australian team member Courtney Bucknell. The Queenslander Bucknell would finish on a total of 1,982 over the first twelve games on day one, with Amanda hot on her heels with 1,962.

On day one, Jason would lead the field of men, notching up 2,189 over his twelve games, with fellow Australian team members Matthew Hurst (2,163) and Tyler Allen (2,153) close behind.

After getting a good read of the conditions on day one, bowlers would return on Sunday with pinfall dropped and needing to post their highest seven-game score to qualify for the top 3 stepladder final.

Amanda Threlfall would cement her number one seed in the stepladder final, posting 1,150 in stage two, with Sarah Hartley (1,105) and Courtney Bucknell (1,068) claiming the remaining two spots.

For the men, Matthew Hurst turned it up a gear to take the top seed (1,356), with Jason Threllfall (1,296) and Nicholas Jefferson (1,277) not far behind to lock in the stepladder finalists.

Sarah Hartley would defeat Courtney Bucknell in the first stepladder final before losing to Amanda Threlfall. For the men, Jason Threlfall would defeat Nicholas Jefferson before going all the way to claim the title against Matthew Hurst.

The Suncity Inclusion Cup was the first-ever inclusion-division-ranked event in Australia. With experienced tournament director Beth Boyd taking the reigns, she liked what she saw.

“It was fantastic to see the spirits showcased by the bowlers in the first inclusion division ranked event in Australia,” explained Boyd.

“Competition was fierce between the competitors, and I can’t wait to see how some of the rivalries transpire over the year at future events.

“Interest in these events will only grow with more awareness and ensuring we give bowlers as much notice as possible moving forward,” added Boyd.

Tenpin Bowling Australia is expected to announce the remaining 2023 Inclusion ranked events shortly, with bowlers encouraged to watch for the announcements.

  • Total pinfall: 3,112 (19 Games)
  • Average: 163.78
  • High Game:  210
  • Game scores
  • Appearance 1: 142, 148 , 166, 189, 180, 160
  • Appearance 2: 131, 157 , 210, 155, 174, 150
  • Appearance 3 : 168, 190, 121, 147, 167, 186, 171
  • Finals: 190
  • Total pinfall: 3,485 (19 Games)
  • Average: 183.42
  • High Game:  235
  • Game scores
  • Appearance 1: 196, 186 , 196, 170, 157, 180
  • Appearance 2: 235, 171 , 181, 179, 163, 175
  • Appearance 3 : 170, 192, 188, 203, 208, 168, 167
  • Finals: 224, 222
  • High Game Female – Sarah Hartley – 224
  • High Game Male – Nicholas Jefferson – 246

Female Podium

  1. Amanda Threlfall 
  2. Sarah Hartley
  3. Courtney Bucknell

Male Podium

  1. Jason Threlfall
  2. Matthew Hurst
  3. Nicholas Jefferson

All the final results can be found by clicking here.

The National Rankings for the inclusion division and all other completed 2023 ranked events will be updated shortly and available on the national rankings page.