Experience Exceptional Value with TBA Registration

Joining the Tenpin Bowling Australia community is not just about playing the sport; it’s about enjoying a bundle of perks without burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, our registration offers one of the most cost-effective sports memberships in Australia.


Why Register with TBA?

To participate in a TBA-registered league at a TBA-registered centre, it’s essential to become a TBA member. But that’s not the only reason – check out the myriad of benefits waiting for you:



As a TBA registered member, you have the choice to opt-in for a personalized identification card, delivered directly to your door in 2024. This card showcases your name, affiliated centre, and unique TBA registration number. Plus, the reverse side features a handy summary of all the exclusive benefits you enjoy as a member.



Ever wished to revisit your weekly league average or benchmark your scores against past performances? If your centre utilizes the League Data Extractor, you can now delve into your personalized portal and do just that!


Detailed Stats: Access in-depth statistics, including your league and tournament scores, average, high games, and more from participating centres.

Update Personal Info: Modify your address, phone number, or email to ensure you’re always in the loop with TBA news.

Not just for Scores: Even if your centre doesn’t provide league data, you can set up and personalize your portal.

Tournament Entries: Additionally, the portal serves as your gateway to enter various tournaments. With a few clicks, you can seamlessly sign up for the competitions you’re interested in, making the process quicker and more convenient.



Keen on the latest tenpin bowling updates from both local, national and international scenes? With your TBA Sports Registration, you’ll be served the freshest news right in your inbox! Ensure your email is current on your Sports Registration online portal to never miss an update. Every two months, you will receive the 13th Frame newsletter which is our organisation wide newsletter to members. You will also receive exclusive partner offers, and state or territory specific emails from time to time.


Exclusive Access to TBA Accredited Events

Unlock A Year Full of Accredited Tournaments!

As a TBA registered member, you’re granted exclusive access to an array of TBA-accredited events. Every year, Tenpin Bowling Australia accredits hundreds of competitions, ensuring our members benefit from the top-tier experiences we promise.

Want to see what’s coming up? Our Events section is updated weekly with the latest tournaments and events. Dive in and discover the opportunities awaiting you!



Celebrate Your Strikes and Spares!

From hitting that first personal best of a 50 game to a dream 300 game to emerging as the league champion, TBA proudly recognises and celebrates your bowling milestones as part of your TBA Registration.

Whether you’re a junior or an adult, every achievement deserves a spotlight:

Bowler Recognition: From badges for beginners to plaques for the pros, there’s an award for every level of achievement.
Commemorative Jewellery: Fancy a gold or silver 300-game pendant? Or perhaps the timeless watch or ring? Celebrate that perfect game in style!
League Champion Chevrons: Stand out with a chevron to mark your season win in a league where all members are TBA-registered.
Craving more details or want to explore the full range of awards? Dive into our dedicated awards section to discover more!


Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance: Your Safety Net On and Off the Lanes

Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and we want to ensure you’re protected when they do.  As a TBA registered member, you’re covered with Personal Accident Insurance.  But what does this mean for you?
Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): This is your insurance as a bowler.  If you face an unfortunate incident resulting in bodily injury while participating in a bowling event or league, PAI steps in to help cover medical expenses, loss of income and other related costs you might incur due to the accident.  Cover is subject to the policy limits and terms & conditions of the policy wording.  Please contact the TBA should you wish to receive a copy of these documents.
Covered activities include all TBA-accredited events, playing, training, official social events and fundraising activities, as well as travel to and from these activities in TBA-registered centres in Australia.
Personal Accident Insurance covers non-Medicare covered medical expenses, the most common being private hospital bed & theatre fees, dental, ambulance, chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy-related expenses, up to the policy sum insured.
The non-Medicare coverage is part of government legislation that prevents general insurers from covering Medicare-related costs, including the Medicare Gap, so only NON-MEDICARE items are claimable.
Please note, the above advice is general in nature.  As with all insurance products, terms & conditions apply, and claims are subject to assessment & approval of the insurer.



Support Services: Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a budding enthusiast, or somewhere in between, the world of tenpin bowling can sometimes present challenges or questions. That’s why TBA offers dedicated Support Services to its registered members.

What Our Support Services Offer:

Expert Guidance: Need advice or understanding of a specific rule? Our team of experts is here to guide you.

Conflict Resolution: Facing a dispute or misunderstanding in your league or centre? Our team can assist in finding a resolution.

Technical Support: Whether you’re navigating the online portal or having trouble with digital registrations, our tech team is on standby to assist.

Networking: Connect with other bowlers, coaches, and enthusiasts through TBA events and forums. Share experiences, seek advice, or simply enjoy the camaraderie.

Feedback Channel: Your voice matters. Share your suggestions, concerns, or feedback with us, and we promise to listen and act.

Being a part of TBA means you’re never alone on your bowling journey. Our Support Services ensure you have the guidance, assistance, and resources you need at every twist and turn.



Maximising Your Membership Value

Being a registered member of TBA comes with its own set of perks, and our partner discounts are among the highlights! We’ve teamed up with a diverse range of businesses to ensure our members can enjoy exclusive benefits on and off the lanes.

Make the most of your TBA membership by exploring and utilising these exclusive partner offers. Whether you’re gearing up for your next game, planning a weekend getaway, or just treating yourself, remember to check out the partner discounts available to you! Check out what’s on offer by clicking the Member Offers link below.


Let’s not forget about the intangible benefits of bowling!



Engage in an activity that enhances physical health by promoting muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Experience the fitness benefits each time you bowl!



Bowling is a versatile social experience suitable for everyone. Whether you’re aiming for some solitary practice, challenging an online rival, engaging in friendly league competition, or just playing for the sheer joy of it, the lanes are always welcoming. It’s an ideal backdrop for birthdays, corporate events, reunions, and any kind of celebration. Between frames, indulge in lively chats, root for your teammates, or consider joining a special event. It’s all about community, camaraderie, and creating lasting memories.



Bowling is a timeless sport with a pathway for every enthusiast. Whether you’re delighting in occasional games, immersing in league play, or setting up consistent matches, there’s a lane for you. The beauty of bowling is its adaptability: you can glide from casual, friendly games straight to intense competition on the Professional Bowlers Association circuit, facing off against the globe’s elite. At every turn, it’s about progression, passion, and potential realised.



Bowling is more than just a game; it’s a journey of self-growth and skill enhancement. Each frame thrown strengthens neural connections, fostering cognitive development. As you set and achieve new personal bests, you’re not just refining your technique but also expanding your horizons. Beyond the lanes, you can evolve into roles like team management, coaching, committee participation, or even immerse in the operational side of a tenpin bowling centre. Dive into bowling, and discover endless avenues for personal and professional growth.



Tenpin bowling embraces everyone, transcending age, size, speed, or strength barriers. With its objective scoring and flexibility, participants can adapt it to fit any schedule or group size. It demands a blend of mental precision, physical finesse, endurance, and expertise. As a safe, inclusive, and community-focused sport, tenpin bowling promises a lifetime of camaraderie and competition

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