Rowland Moves on from Position with TBA Technical Committee

By Matt Stevens
February 15, 2021

Glenn Rowland has made the decision to step back from his position as chair and leave the TBA Technical Compliance Committee as of the end of 2020.

Glenn was chairperson of the Technical Compliance Committee for five years from 2015-2020. His resignation from the position comes after edging closer to eligibility and his desire to bowl senior tournaments.

The purpose of the Technical Compliance Committee is to develop processes and standards to ensure Australia is at the forefront of all technical developments within the sport of tenpin bowling from both participative and competitive sports development.

Some of the duties of the committee involve:

  • Lane inspection and measurement
    – Ensure the Lane inspection process is updated to meet the internationally approved standards
  • Lane conditioning policy for Nationals and Ranked events
    – TBA aims to improve our elite bowlers’ skills through exposure to more challenging international standard lane conditions. Ranked events in the Open, Women’s, Senior, Youth and Junior Divisions will be required to lay TBA approved lane patterns. 
    – Ensure the TBA oil pattern library is updated each year
    – TBA oil pattern library distributed with the oil pattern advice letter to all ranked events

The TBA Technical Committee comprises of the following members:

  • Graeme Rose
  • Mike Griffith (TBA Rep, HP Manager)
  • Geoff Bowness
  • Mick Brunhierl
  • Bruce Jefferson

The committee and Tenpin Bowling Australia would like to thank Glenn Rowland for his five-year service to the role. We wish you luck with your future bowling endeavours. If you would like to get in touch with the committee regarding technical questions regarding lane patterns etc., please email the committee at [email protected]