Sarah Pennicott named National 2021 Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
February 4, 2022

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) would like to congratulate Sarah Pennicott on being selected as National 2021 Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year. 

Last week, Pennicott, who hails from Tasmania’s Launceston Lanes, was one of a handful of Lane Rangers to be acknowledged for their standout efforts as a coach of the Bowl Patrol program by their State/Territory. 

Victoria/Tasmania Sport Development Officer Shaun Johnson congratulated Pennicott on her national award.

“Passionate and the willingness to go above and beyond is how I’d describe National Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger of the Year, Sarah Pennicott,” Johnson said. 

“Sarah has played a major role in the success of Bowl Patrol at Launceston Lanes, where she does a wonderful job increasing awareness of the Bowl Patrol program across the community and is an awesome coach and role model for all junior bowlers at Launceston Lanes,” he added.

Upon hearing the news she had been selected as the National Lane Ranger of the Year, Pennicott said she was filled with excitement.

“I was really excited to hear I was named the Tasmanian Lane Ranger of the year and to then hear I was the national winner I was even more excited.”

Pennicott has been one of the key drivers of success for the Bowl Patrol program at Launceston Lanes since its infancy. 

She began training to become a Lane Ranger in 2016 after she was approached by a former Lane Ranger to assist her with the Bowl Patrol program. For Pennicott, who finished as the number one ranked female youth bowler in the country last year, it was the chance to give back to the sport. 

“Through bowling myself, I have achieved and experienced so much,” she said. “So I wanted to give back to the sport and share my passion for bowling through introducing younger kids to the sport and give them an opportunity to one day maybe experience what I have.”

Behind the scenes, the National Training Squad (NTS 21) team member has ensured that the program is being advertised across the local community. Meanwhile, on the lanes, Pennicott has been inspiring the Patrollers to take the next step in their bowling which has led to a growing junior league in Launceston.

Currently studying at university to become a primary school teacher, Pennicott has often reflected on her Bowl Patrol experiences as a major influence on her career choice.

“I have loved the experience of learning how to differentiate skills to suit a range of learning abilities that Bowl Patrol welcomes to ensure that all children can be the best they can,” she said.

“The most rewarding thing about being a Lane Ranger is watching the enjoyment of kids when reaching for their goals and watching them all improve each week,” she added.

What those around her might not know, is the impact many people have had on Pennicott in her role as a Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger.

“I would like to thank all my past and current coaches for passing on their knowledge to me through my own bowling journey that I have been able to utilise when coaching in Bowl Patrol,” she said. 

“I would also like to thank former Lane Ranger Kathy Parsons for encouraging me to take up the role as a Lane Ranger in the first place. 

“TBA, apart from establishing the program, have also played a part in my development through their NTS program where I have also learnt many skills to pass on through its coaches. The NTS program has also provided me with many experiences which have fuelled my passion for the sport and allowed me to want to give back to the sport and share my passion with others,” she added.

Far Left – Sarah representing Australia overseas

Patrollers attending the Launceston Lanes Bowl Patrol program can expect Pennicott to be on the lanes once again this year as she continues her Lane Ranger role.

She will also be joined by Lane Ranger Bridget, who Pennicott has been helping train, to start delivering her own programs in 2022. Having an additional Lane Ranger will allow the program at Launceston Lanes to expand and bring Australia’s best Learn to Bowl program to more people across the community.

“Since starting training, Bridget’s confidence as a Lane Ranger has grown,” Pennicott said. “With an additional Lane Ranger, we have been able to expand our classes to even have the largest Bowl Patrol class in the country.”

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