Schools Back on the Lanes

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
April 20, 2022

Thanks to Sport Australia’s Sporting Schools, students from Tyabb Railway Station Primary School had a blast participating in tenpin bowling at Zone Bowling Frankston.

Led by Lane Ranger Leanne, the students visited their local tenpin bowling centre for four sessions to learn about the basics of the sport and practice skill development on the lanes.

“We were delighted with the feedback that students had fun and learnt things throughout the visits,” said Lane Ranger Leanne.

Having completed Bowl Patrol Lane Ranger training and currently being a qualified Level 1 coach, Leanne found coaching the program enjoyable and rewarding. The students showcased improvement in balance, focus and targeting throughout the four sessions.

National Bowling Manager Morty Douglass spotted the happy students as he arrived to prepare to bowl in a senior tournament at the venue.

“What a great example of how tenpin bowling is a lifelong sport,” said Douglass.

“I walk in the door to bowl Seniors, and here are all these kids enjoying the sport with great enthusiasm.

“It highlights how this sport is truly for all ages, and for some of these students, it could be the beginning of a lifetime journey in tenpin bowling”, added Douglass.

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