Special Olympics Australia – The Membership Question

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 9, 2021

We have been asked these questions a few times

  • “What do I get from a Special Olympics Australia membership?”
  • “What do I get from a Tenpin Bowling Australia membership?”
  • And in some cases, “Why do I need both?”

So, we thought we would take this opportunity to answer these questions.

Special Olympics Australia

There are several reasons why athletes with an intellectual disability and/or autism become a member of Special Olympics Australia.  Some want to have fun and make friends, others want to be part of a community, and some go for gold!

A membership gives athletes access to the Special Olympics competition pathway. Bowlers can compete for their club at local and state level, and have the opportunity to progress to Special Olympics National and World Games every 4 years.

Special Olympics Australia is a multi-sport organisation. Membership opens up the opportunity for athletes to try their hand at a range of different sports in their local area.

Membership also provides insurance cover for participation in all Special Olympics training and competitions. On top of this, members can access news and information and our unique Athlete Leadership program.

For more information, visit Special Olympics Australia’s website: Get Involved | Special Olympics Australia

Tenpin Bowling Australia

One of the most popular benefits of Tenpin Bowling Australia membership is access to the world-class Tenpin Results portal (TPR). Bowlers can log into their account to see details of pinfall, scores, statistics and more.

Bowlers can also consider working towards the national championships or start their coaching career with online courses.

Be sure to take advantage of the special Early Bird offer giving discounts for registration before the end of 2021 for the 2022 year!

For more information, visit Tenpin Bowling Australia’s website:  https://tenpin.org.au/bowl/sports-registration  

Do you need both memberships?

Suppose you are participating in a bowling league with a Tenpin Bowling Australia membership. In that case, you can become a member of Special Olympics Australia if you wish to access the Special Olympics competition pathway. If your league is interested, they can become an affiliate of Special Olympics Australia, allowing you to compete for your league at Special Olympics competitions.

If you bowl weekly and scores are kept, and you get the pin awards and use of TenpinResults portal (TPR), you are competing in a league, and yes our TBA registration is required.

The TBA rule book defines a league in Rule 301 as any group of four or more teams of players or four or more individual players participating according to a pre-arranged schedule regardless of whether prizes are offered.  If there is any sort of recording of results by the centre or league, point allocations, averages and handicaps recorded and/or prizes are awarded as a result of the outcome of the games bowled, this is considered a league TBA membership is a requirement.

TBA is not asking Special Olympics Australia bowlers who only compete in Special Olympics club and competition events to pay this registration fee. It only applies to those bowlers who gather weekly, fortnightly or monthly to participate in structured leagues at their local centres to pay a registration fee.

In return for the TBA sports registration fee, Special Olympics Australia athletes receive many benefits, including:

•             Personalised membership pack – delivered to your door!

•             Access to the Online portal – Tenpin Results

•             Comprehensive personal accident insurance in the event you injure yourself whilst bowling* – please note that a Centres’ Public Liability insurance does not cover you; it covers the bowling centre if they are at fault.

•             TBA Awards Program – fully automated at participating centres*

•             Bi-monthly e-newsletter distributed via email and online via our website

•             Access to support services, including advice on rules along with other sport related general enquiries.

Special Olympics Australia and Tenpin Bowling have a long-standing partnership. Both organisations welcome and celebrate all bowlers with intellectual disability and autism across Australia, especially following the very special week of International Day of People with Disability.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at:

–              Special Olympics Australia: Contact Us | Special Olympics Australia

–              Tenpin Bowling Australia: Contact Us | Tenpin Bowling Australia