Sport Australia Supporting the Future of Tenpin Bowling in Australia

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
November 11, 2021

Tenpin Bowling in Australia is a sport ‘on the move’, and we are pleased to have been recognised through the support and allocation of a Sport AUS project officer to facilitate the development of a new Participation strategy.

As parts of the country return to play post-COVID-19 lockdowns, states and Territories less affected by lockdowns have seen a positive return to bowling. So, there’s no doubt Aussies are ready to roll in 2022!

“Our aim is to ensure the ever-changing participation needs of all Australians are being met by what we provide; whether that be our programs, the services or the broader connection to a community,” explained Program and Development Manager Emily Rennes. “We witness every day the opportunity that tenpin bowling provides individuals, leading to a lifetime of enjoyment in the sport.”

“The support from Sport AUS is fantastic. It provides us with broader insights into the participation trends and the barriers to participation that we need to consider when looking to the future. Having a ready-made participation design toolkit to in essence build our strategy is brilliant”.

Senior Participation Advisor, Tom Hunter from Sport AUS, has been facilitating the process for Tenpin Bowling in Australia. The Sport AUS insights are combined with input from the Participation Tenpin Bowling Advisory group, who attended a workshop to capture themes and prioritise requirements for the future of the sport.

“We certainly understand that the delivery of this strategy will be absolutely critical; however, having clarity on where we want to go and what we want to do is vital”, added Rennes.

Our junior programs like Sporting Schools, Club Connect and Bowl Patrol continue to grow, and we have the International Bowling Federation partnership to build on in 2022. We believe there is momentum building across the sport and industry despite the challenges of COVID-19.”

This two-year Participation Strategy will also seek to:

  • Align to our strategic plan, specifically drawing upon the Playful Connection strategic pillar.
  • Engage a range of stakeholders in the process of review, feedback and forward planning
  • Utilise data and research including market trends, barriers and participation life stages
  • Provide sturdy grounding for our states/territories, centres and the broader community to connect

“We know people love to bowl and our research indicates around 1.7m Australians are interested to try tenpin bowling. We believe that this strategy continues us on the pathway of being a sport of choice, acknowledging inclusion, growth and fun along the way,” said Rennes.

The new participation strategy is scheduled to be released before the conclusion of 2021.

To get involved or find out more, contact TBA’s Program & Development Manager, Emily Rennes via [email protected]

Some of the TBA Participation Team with Sport Aus Senior Participation Advisor Tom Hunter