Standout Volunteers Acknowledged at the National Disability Championships

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
July 20, 2023

The success of the annual National Disability Championships relies heavily on the dedication and support of countless volunteers.

These unsung heroes play a crucial role in ensuring that bowlers with disabilities can participate in the sport they love. At last month’s event, the Australian Disabilities Tenpin Incorporated (ADTi) Committee took the opportunity to recognise and celebrate two exceptional volunteers whose contributions have been invaluable to the bowling community. Let us shine a spotlight on Calvin Jenkins from Tasmania and Beth Boyd from Queensland, who have made a lasting impact on the sport and its participants.

Calvin Jenkins – Tasmania

Calvin Jenkins has been a familiar face to bowlers throughout Tasmania. His journey with tenpin bowling began in the mid-1990s when he joined Special Olympics to support his son, Kai. As a dedicated parent, Calvin quickly became actively involved in the sport. He attended meetings and played a crucial role in organising the inaugural Junior Championships in Launceston in 1996.

In 2000, Calvin joined the Committee and assumed the role of Chairperson in 2005. Although work commitments briefly interrupted his tenure, he was re-elected as Chairperson and continues to hold that position today. Calvin’s contributions extend beyond leadership; he also became a tenpin coach and revolutionised the Special Olympics tenpin format, advocating for a change from two games to a regular three-game league. In recognition of his efforts, he was honoured as the “driving force behind Special Olympics Tenpin Bowling in Tasmania” in 2021.

Calvin’s impact goes beyond Special Olympics. He has built a close relationship with Tenpin Bowling Tasmania and their associated bowling leagues, facilitating the participation of Team Tassie in the annual National Disability Tenpin Bowling Championships. Serving as the Vice Chair of Tenpin Bowling Tasmania, Chair of the Association’s Disability Sub Committee, Vice Chair of the Adult Tournament Sub Committee, and valued Committee member of the Australian Disabilities Tenpin, Calvin has played a vital role in creating a pathway for bowlers with disabilities in Tasmania. From beginners to state representatives, many owe their progress to Calvin’s dedication and unwavering support.

Beth Boyd – Queensland

Beth Boyd’s involvement in the world of bowling started in 1996 when her sons joined a league at Ballina Bowl. A year later, she began her voluntary work on the Gold Coast Junior Committee after her boys joined the Saturday league at Sunshine Bowl. In 2002, Beth was chosen as a delegate to represent Tweed on the TBAQ Disability Committee. Her dedication and leadership skills soon led to her election as Chair of the State Committee in 2004, a position she continues to hold with pride.

Over the years, Beth’s commitment to bowling has grown exponentially. She took on roles as Chairperson and Tournament Director, and in 2008, she was selected as one of the coaches/managers for the disability Queensland teams. Beth’s involvement extended to the National Disability Championships, working closely with both TBA and ADTI committees for nearly a decade.

In 2014, Beth was approached by TBA to represent them on the Joint Management Committee for the National Championships for Bowlers with a Disability. She played a vital part in the amalgamation of the two disability bowling associations, which has brought strength and increased opportunities for bowlers with disabilities. Beth’s son, Michael, even had the honour of being selected for the Restricted All Abilities team, marking a proud moment for the Boyd family.

Beth’s dedication to inclusivity has earned her a spot on the inaugural TBA National Training Squad Inclusion Advisory Panel. This panel, which included the first-ever Australian team, competed at the 2022 IBF Para Tenpin Bowling World Cup on the Sunshine Coast. Beth’s expertise also led her to assist as Tournament Director for TBA’s first Inclusion Ranked event earlier this year.

As a passionate advocate for bowlers with disabilities, Beth believes in the power of providing equal opportunities and creating pathways for all participants. She cherishes the joy she witnesses on her bowlers’ faces as they achieve personal bests or simply revel in the pleasure of the sport. Beth’s proudest moment lies in the progress achieved in inclusion for bowlers, with the Nationals, Joint Management Committee, and advisory panel all working together toward a common goal: ensuring that every bowler, regardless of ability, has the same opportunities within the sport.

Calvin Jenkins and Beth Boyd epitomize the spirit of volunteerism, dedicating their time, passion, and expertise to enrich the lives of bowlers with disabilities. The ADTi Committee’s recognition of these exceptional individuals serves as a reminder of the crucial role volunteers play in fostering a vibrant and inclusive bowling community. Their selflessness, leadership, and unwavering commitment set an inspiring example for others to follow. As we express our gratitude to Calvin and Beth, we also look forward to future opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of volunteers who continue to make a difference in the lives of bowlers with disabilities. If you are interested in volunteering in the world of Tenpin Bowling in Australia, please submit your details for TBA to get in touch for future opportunities by filling out the form here