Strike 3 Bowling announces automatic semi-final berths and stepladder finals to be introduced

By Strike 3 Bowling
March 8, 2021

To help increase participation at the various State Championships held across the country, Strike 3 Bowling will provide automatic semi-final berths across all of the Masters and TBA50 Cup events being held at this year’s ANC, including the jewel in the crown, the AUSTRALIAN MASTERS.

Previously, a State Masters winner received a spot in field for the final but still had to qualify if they wanted to miss the first round or two by qualifying higher up in the field. This lack of incentive sometimes saw these winners not attend, and it has also led to fewer entries in recent years taking part in the various State Masters tournaments held across the country.

Strike 3 Managing Director, Ashlee Carroll said “We are all in this together and as the promoter of the ANC 2021, we must do what we can to not only support our customers, being the players, but also our key stakeholders in the state associations and we feel that this extra incentive will undoubtedly encourage more players across Juniors, TBA21, Elite Adults and of course TBA50 to enter their respective State Masters knowing that a win will see them progress straight to the semi-finals of their respective Masters tournament or TBA50 Cup. It should make winning harder at state level and we look forward to seeing all of the winners attend the ANC later this year”.

The Australian Masters is sure to be a highlight tournament with the best players in the country converging in Hobart to play in a revamped format that includes a stepladder finals format for the first time. This combined with equal prize money for men and women will see a new exciting Australian Masters unfold.

“To create international standard TV shows and live stream events as they happen, we must instigate new and exciting cutthroat formats to deliver the excitement needed and get more people engaged by bowling. This is why all tournament formats have been revamped to encourage this outcome, create new stars and ultimately expand the sports following in future years” Carroll excitedly pointed out.

The full ANC 2021 Guide to the Event will be released this Monday 8th March and will outline a number of new exciting initiatives for the ANC 2021 being held at Zone Bowling Moonah in Hobart from 19 July to 15 August.