Strike 3 Bowling Announces Prize Money Changes to ANC 2021

By Strike 3 Bowling
March 4, 2021

Strike 3 Bowling have today announced two exciting changes to this year’s Australian National Championship.

The Adult National Championship has rarely seen guaranteed prize money on offer over the years with a ‘percentage of prize fund’ approach being taken based on entries received, which gave little faith to bowlers when deciding whether to attend or not. Strike 3 felt it was important, as a promoter, to give its customers some comfort when making the decision to attend in knowing what was on offer across the various tournaments being held alongside the state team tournaments at this year’s re-invigorated ANC.

Strike 3 Managing Director, Ashlee Carroll said “Our elite players can now make informed decisions when assessing the costs to attend the ANC and get excited about the prize money on offer, knowing that regardless of how many players turn up to play against them, the prize money will remain the same”.

Added to this initiative to give bowlers more certainty is the further announcement that prize money paid to female players will be identical to the men for the first time in the history of the championships. A long-accepted part of the sport, this exciting change will see tenpin bowling join a number of other sports in providing better opportunities for females to take part in the sport and develop into elite level players. It is sure to be widely greeted with fanfare amongst Australia’s best female players, who for many years have had to accept smaller amounts of prize money through no fault of their own.

“Elite female players should not be penalised by virtue of there being less players overall than take part in male tournaments. The reality is that the commitment, dedication, excellence, determination, and ability needed to be successful at this level is the same regardless of gender, so we felt it was important that the ANC should always provide equal opportunities for males and females to compete at an elite level and equal prize money is a key part of our thinking. It will help to ensure we see more female players attending the ANC this year along with increasing attendance in future years” Carroll stated.

The full ANC 2021 Guide to the Event will be released this Monday 8th March and will outline a number of new exciting initiatives for the ANC 2021 being held at Zone Bowling Moonah in Hobart from 19 July to 15 August.

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