Success at the Inaugural Darebin Division Tenpin Bowling Day

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
December 13, 2023

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is thrilled to recap the success of the inaugural Darebin Division Tenpin Bowling Day, which was recently hosted at Wyncity Keon Park in Victoria. This landmark event marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to engage more young Australians in the sport of Tenpin Bowling.

The Darebin Division Day saw schools within the Darebin Division come together in a spirited competition. A total of 70 students from the Darebin Secondary Division took part, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm for the sport. The event was developed as part of a collaborative effort between Wyncity Keon Park and TBA, aiming to foster a stronger connection between the sport and school communities.

Wyncity Keon Park proved to be an exemplary host, creating an environment that was both competitive and fun for all participants. The event was incredibly well-received, with students and teachers alike praising the venue and the excitement of the day.

Buoyed by the success of this event, the Darebin Division is already planning additional days with Wyncity Keon Park for 2024. This initiative is a testament to the growing interest in school bowling across Australia and TBA’s commitment to nurturing this interest.

School bowling in Australia is on an upward trajectory, and TBA recognises the immense opportunity this presents. By getting more young people involved in tenpin bowling, we’re not just promoting a sport; we’re fostering a community and a lifelong passion.

Let’s keep this momentum going and strike even bigger in the future!

In light of this success, we extend an invitation to all TBA registered centres to get involved in 2024. If you’re interested in organizing a similar event, or have a goal of developing more youth bowlers at your centre, please contact TBA. Together, we can continue to expand the reach of tenpin bowling among younger generations.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email [email protected]