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In the realm of sports, where stories of triumph echo through time, there’s a narrative that resonates even deeper—one that entwines the enduring thread of family legacy into the very fabric of achievement.

In high-performance sports, the emergence of fresh talent often ignites a spark of excitement, illuminating the path for a new generation of athletes.

Blake Walsh has won a SILVER medal at the 21st Asian Youth Championships Boy’s Masters Competition in Bangkok, Thailand.

Team Australia has clinched a medal at the 21st Asian Youth Championships in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭

Team Australia has started strongly at the Asian Youth Championships Singles event with two of three squads completing their six games.

Team Australia has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, for the highly anticipated 21st Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship, set to take place from July 4-12 at Blu-O Rhythm and Bowl.  

All the latest from Team Australia in Bangkok, Thailand

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