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A promising talent in the world of Tenpin Bowling, Connor has found his rhythm around 15,000 kilometres away from home in the halls of Savannah College of Art and Design

Jamie shares her reflections on her time abroad, the transition back to Australia, and her plans for the future.

There is a strong chance this may not be the first time you have heard the name Emily Hart.

The outstanding Australian talent Seth Gray not only secured two medals at the 22nd Asian Junior Tenpin Bowling Championships in Singapore but also won the admiration of up-and-coming bowlers.

In the realm of sports, where stories of triumph echo through time, there’s a narrative that resonates even deeper—one that entwines the enduring thread of family legacy into the very fabric of achievement.

In high-performance sports, the emergence of fresh talent often ignites a spark of excitement, illuminating the path for a new generation of athletes.

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