TBA Delivers Positive Results Despite Challenging 2020

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
July 3, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) has today reported a positive financial result in 2020 despite the challenges of the global pandemic.

A profit of $319,237 was reported to State and Territory Voting Delegates during TBA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 3rd July.

“It’s clear that 2020 will be remembered as an extraordinary year for the Tenpin Bowling community given the impact of the global pandemic on the sport and industry,” stated TBA Chair Jerome Joseph. 

“The closure to bowling centres across the country led to cancelled events, interrupted leagues and limited opportunities for bowlers to bowl. However, the love and passion for the sport continues to shine as evident with strong attendance at league nights in bowling centres across the country”.

The Chairman also acknowledged at the meeting the critical role the Federal government and the various State and Territory governments played in supporting TBA, it’s member State and Territories and ultimately community sport in what was a difficult year.

“The ongoing support of our Federal, State and Territory governments was extremely valuable and appreciated. Firstly, it meant we could continue to operate and provide employment to staff during a time where the industry came to a stop. Secondly, in the recovery phase, government have continued to support TBA in our quest to deliver on our key strategic projects for the sport”.   

In support of this statement, TBA has just received further acknowledgement and support from Sport AUS as one of 24 organisations who were successfully awarded a grant to enhance the organisation with the project titled ‘Governance Maturity Roadmap’.

The AGM also provided an opportunity for an update on progress against the strategic plan, where TBA Chief Executive Officer Rohan O’Neill presented the current progress being made despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

The strategy for Tenpin Bowling in Australia provides the guidance for future investment in the sport and given the positive financial position of the organisation, a number of new initiatives are on the horizon, with the ‘Bowler’ and the ‘Tenpin Bowling Centre’ at the heart of each opportunity.

In addition, two existing Board Directors, the current Vice-Chair of TBA Shane Bernhardt and National Training Squad Youth Coach Geoff Bowness were re-elected unopposed for their Director positions. The National Voting Delegates also approved a motion to include an additional appointed independent Director to the Board, meaning there can be nine Directors on the TBA Board. This change is in accordance with Sport Australia good governance principles.

The 2020 annual report can be viewed at the bottom of the Board of Director page here