TBA introduces NTS Trials: A New Pathway to the National Training Squad

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
September 13, 2023

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is thrilled to unveil an exciting addition to its High-Performance program that aims to elevate and expand selection opportunities for Tenpin Bowling Australia’s (TBA) National Training Squad (NTS).

Introducing the NTS Trials – a dynamic opportunity for all those striving to secure a spot in our prestigious National Training Squad’s.

In the pursuit of excellence, we understand that evolution and innovation are key. This new initiative holds the potential to redefine your journey as an elite bowler and usher in a new era of opportunity and growth with our NTS.

The NTS Trials have been designed to provide a platform for bowlers like you to showcase your skills, dedication, and determination. This event will serve as a pre-qualification pathway, enabling four male and four female bowlers in each category to earn their spots in the coveted 2024 squads they nominate to compete in and receive automatic selection.

The NTS Trials serve as a transformative bridge between aspirations and accomplishments. We have revamped the selection policy to embrace a more inclusive and balanced approach. By introducing expanded criteria that account for predictive future performance measures, we open doors for talented bowlers from diverse backgrounds who might not have previously found their way into the spotlight.

We firmly believe that your present achievements deserve recognition. The NTS Trials provide an arena for you to showcase your current form and talent, regardless of whether you have participated in ranked events before. Your skills deserve an audience, and the Trials offer that stage for you to shine.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NTS Trials is the empowerment it offers to in-form, non-NTS bowlers and those who might have been inactive in the 2023 NTS squad. This initiative opens doors for unexpected talent to emerge, enriching the composition of the 2024 National Training Squad and infusing it with fresh energy.

The NTS Trials provide a unique opportunity for our NTS head coaches to strategize with precision. By introducing patterns tailored to upcoming 2024 events, we gain invaluable insights into your performance under specific conditions. This approach empowers us to fine-tune your training regimen and elevate your readiness for the challenges ahead.

Healthy competition is the cornerstone of growth. The NTS Trials foster a competitive environment where current and aspiring NTS bowlers can test their mettle against one another. This not only fuels personal improvement but also encourages camaraderie and mutual support among fellow athletes.

Please click the below button to view the updated TBA Selection Requirements for National Teams.

New additions in the policy include expanded avenues for selection with updated criteria and information regarding NTS Trials.

If you are unable to attend the NTS Trials, you still need to nominate but an exemption application is required to then be approved by the General Manager Performance. Once this application is received, you will then be considered for selection under the traditional selection criteria.

  • NTS Open & NTS 50: December 2-3, 2023, at the Suncity AGL National High Performance Centre. This event will be for NTS Open (Men and Women) and NTS50 (Senior & Grand Senior) athletes.
  • NTS18 & NTS21: January 27-28, 2024, at the same Suncity AGL National High Performance Centre. This event will be for bowlers in NTS18 and NTS21 categories.

While the exact format of the event is being finalised, rest assured that it will challenge your skills on 2-3 oil patterns. These patterns will be curated by our NTS head coaches, ensuring that you are put to the test in a variety of scenarios that mirror the demands of upcoming 2024 events.

The cost to participate in the event will encompass the coverage of lineage expenses. More information will be provided closer to the event. All participants are expected to organise and pay for their own travel and accommodation costs.

The NTS Trials have been crafted with a comprehensive vision in mind, aligning with the recommendations of the 2022 McGovern High-Performance Review and the 2023 High-Performance Direction:

  • Revamped Structure: The Trials address the feedback from the 2022 review by remodelling the NTS structure and updating/expanding the selection policy.
  • Inclusive Selection Criteria: We’ve introduced expanded criteria that consider predictive future performance measures, fostering a balanced selection process.
  • Rewarding Performance: This event rewards your current form and provides a stage to prove your mettle.
  • Diverse Opportunities: In-form, non-NTS bowlers and inactive 2023 NTS bowlers now have a chance to secure their place in the 2024 National Training Squad.
  • Strategic Preparation: The Trials allow our head coaches to set patterns tailored for targeted 2024 events, giving us insights into how you perform under specific conditions.
  • Competitive Exposure: It’s a chance for current and fringe NTS bowlers to go head-to-head, pushing each other to new heights of excellence.
  • Strengthened Infrastructure: The Suncity AGL National High-Performance Centre takes centre stage as the host venue, further solidifying its role in nurturing elite talent.
  • Youthful Opportunities: Our commitment to junior and youth development shines through this initiative, offering multiple routes into multiple squads.

We urge you to seize this moment to prove your prowess and solidify your place among the elite. The NTS Trials are not just about competition; they are about personal growth, camaraderie, and pushing the boundaries of your potential.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the event’s format. If you have any questions regarding the NTS Trial’s, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and a representative will be in touch.

Please click the below link to register your attendance or notify us of an exemption application.