TBA Launches HR Advisory Service for Registered Centres

By Matt Stevens
April 14, 2021

Another history-making initiative by Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) will see registered centres across the country receive generalist Human Resource (HR) support and guidance, free of charge for their businesses.

TBA is delighted to announce it has partnered with Talent Cube, an organisation specialising in HR services that work with customers across the talent lifecycle to deliver short- and long-term benefits for their businesses. Talent Cube will provide a national HR support and advisory service for all TBA registered centres.

Talent Cube prides itself on working with clients in ensuring their potential and vision is realised. Supported by strong decades of experience in the HR, recruitment and talent management fields, Talent Cube believes every organisation deserves a partner to help them reach their goals.

In a continued effort to provide additional value to TBA registered centres, the HR support acquisition joins the centralised buying platform as two initiatives available for use by registered centres. The partnership aligns with TBA’s focus on supporting its centres to ensure long term sustainability and providing profit pathways.

TBA General Manager of Industry, Damien Smith, is pleased to expand the growing collection of services available for TBA registered centres to utilise.   

“We understand the importance of registered centres and how vital they are to the sport. Simply put, one can not survive without the other. To realise the true potential the sport possesses, we need to move forward together in unity and work collaboratively,” explained Smith. “Talent Cube adds to the growing list of partners with TBA that serve the purpose to support centres and their businesses to save money and resources on”.

TBA centres will receive immediate dedicated HR support, available every day during working hours, to answer the most critical HR-related enquiries. The scope of Talent Cube capabilities varies greatly. Still, examples of advice and guidance provided by the company include Recruitment Strategy and Design, Talent as a Service, HR Audit, HR Outsourcing, Learning and Development/Coaching, and Outplacement.  

To better understand individual circumstances, successes, and pain points, Talent Cube will meet with centre owners to reach a better outcome for their businesses. Informed by the meetings and ongoing learnings, Talent Cube will provide a more tailored HR support solution for all TBA registered centres. A customised HR solution for individual centres will offer learning and development opportunities by field experts addressing HR issues or specific TBA concerns.

Talent Cube field teams and specialists will be in touch with individual registered centres shortly to discuss potential opportunities.

We thank Talent Cube for partnering with Tenpin Bowling Australia and are excited to see them working with our centre owners across the national portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding the new initiative, please email Damien Smith at [email protected]