TBA Operational Advisory Council Runs Inaugural Meeting

By Matt Stevens
March 25, 2021

The newly established TBA Operational Advisory Council held their first meeting recently to explore ways to better serve and support the sport across the country.

Following the departure of key staff members in 2020, the TBA Board has implemented the TBA Operational Advisory Council for 2021. The concept was created to provide bowling and bowler knowledge to TBA staff. It will act as a centre of expertise for staff, where they can source information and advice regarding clarification of background information about our sport and its stakeholders.

The council structure holds positions for three bowling representative directors and three external TBA members that have longevity and expertise within the sport. Council members include Morty Douglass, Gail Torrens, Geoff Bowness, Graham Pearson, and Adam Gillett.

The first meeting was an introductory meeting; however, it did involve discussion on two initial questions for council feedback in helping shape future agendas. These questions involved – 1) What is the biggest opportunity for Tenpin Bowling in Australia and 2) If you could change one aspect of the sport, what would it be. The council will work with TBA on the big issues and game changing elements of the sport.

TBA General Manager of Activity Rohan O’Neill chaired the inaugural meeting which provided many insights and clarity on the benefits the council will provide.

“You can’t buy experience and the council members collectively boast over 220 years of engagement in the sport” explained O’Neill.  “The benefit in looking at the big picture is powerful – everyone on this council brings their own experience and perspective, which means we have a great opportunity to work together and enhance the sport”.

Other initial conversations focused on the image of the sport, communication with the broader community, the opportunity for content creation and broadcast, the benefits of data and evidenced based decisions as well as engagement with the industry and members.

The TBA Operational Advisory Council will meet on a quarterly basis with the next one scheduled for June 2021.