TBA Partners with Green Peak Energy

By Matt Stevens
April 13, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia is thrilled to announce a partnership with Green Peak Energy. The partnership further strengthens the support offered to Centre owner-operators across the national portfolio.

Announced this year in early March, the Centralised Buying Platform now welcomes its newest supplier Green Peak Energy as an accredited supplier. The partnership aims to provide registered centres with potential solutions to power their building with solar energy receiving substantial savings in power costs by doing so.

Green Peak Energy provides renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers. Established in 2017 by seasoned energy market professionals, Green Peak Energy provides its customer’s capacity to generate electricity on-site and behind-the-meter, effectively removing both the network charges and retail margin from day-time electricity bills.

A Green Peak Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solution fully covers all system costs, including installation, operating and maintenance, monitoring, cleaning, and insurance. Green Peak Energy builds, owns and operates solar on the roof of premises, thus only requiring the customer to buy the electricity generated at a cheaper rate than from the grid.

Solar energy is a reliable, proven method of generating energy whilst tackling increased electricity prices that drive up business costs. With zero capital outlay and zero maintenance costs for registered centres, a Green Peak Energy PPA potentially provides centres with a fixed energy cost for the next 30 years!

We thank Green Peak Energy for partnering with Tenpin Bowling Australia and are excited to see them working with our centre owners across the country.