TBA Partners with Meris Food Equipment

By Matt Stevens
May 14, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with Meris Food Equipment. The partnership further boosts the support offered to Centre owner-operators across the national portfolio.

Announced in early March this year, the Centralised Buying Platform now welcomes Meris Food Equipment as its newest accredited supplier.

Meris Food Equipment is a nationwide supplier of quality self-contained food cooking and display equipment. The partnership also aims to provide registered centres with tailored front-of-house solutions to meet individual business needs.

With the assistance of an in-house Development Chef, Meris Food Equipment also has the capability to advise on menu creation to provide an efficient cooking regime that helps maximise the highest gross profit in food delivery.

For over 20 years, Meris Food Equipment has partnered with various businesses, providing world-class products, exceptional service and innovative, tailored solutions that help companies improve their food offering, increase productivity, and grow sales.

Servicing many of Oceania’s largest and most reputable brands such as BP, Woolworths, Coles, and Hoyts, to name a few, Meris Food Equipment has the experience and the reputation to provide tailored solutions for TBA registered centres to consider.

An exclusive distributor of many unique products, Meris Food Equipment will provide customers with the opportunity to offer tasty, fresh, and high-quality meal offerings that people want. The Meris Food Equipment partnership aims to provide an avenue for registered centres to enhance the business’s overall food experience and realising its full potential.

We thank Meris Food Equipment for partnering with Tenpin Bowling Australia and are excited to see them working with our centre owners across the country.

Agreement Benefits