TBA Partners with World #1 Bowler as Brand Ambassador

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
May 4, 2021

Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA) is delighted to announce that it has extended its partnership with JASON BELMONTE as a brand ambassador for the sport’s key participation programs.  

As ambassador, Belmonte will help spread the word to young children and their families about the benefits of participating in Bowl Patrol, an innovative ‘Learn to Bowl’ program designed by TBA to grow the sport nationally.

The agreement will see a focus on TBA’s successful ‘Bowl Patrol’ and ‘Sporting Schools’ junior participation programs. The signing will enable Belmonte to actively support the growth of participation at grassroots level whilst raising awareness for the sport and its programs across the nation.

“It is fantastic to have someone of Jason’s calibre assisting our efforts in getting more people playing the sport and connecting across the community through tenpin bowling”, explained TBA General Manager of Activity Rohan O’Neill. “We are continually evolving our participation programs and we are very fortunate to have the biggest name in the sport assisting in reaching our goals”.

Belmonte’s stellar career has established his reputation as an influencer and role model for junior and youth bowlers.   The 37-year-old is a 25-time PBA Tour champion including a record 13 majors and was recently named in THE SPORTSPEDIA 100 sportspeople globally, alongside some of the world’s highest achieving sporting stars including LeBron James, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams.

TBA is excited to be working with Belmonte in promoting Bowl Patrol and programs that aim to introduce participants to tenpin bowling in a fun and rewarding environment.

Tenpin bowling is recognised across the globe as a fun, social and exciting sport.  The sport is recognised by health professionals as having many benefits – it requires mental and physical precision, stamina, and excellent hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.  The partnership also aims to expand the message of bowling’s social and inclusive attributes with the expansion of TBA’s ‘Bowl Patrol’ with its newly established ‘Bowl Abilities’ program.

“This partnership will include interaction with our National Training Squad members and involvement with upcoming ‘Bowl Patrol’, ‘Bowl Abilities’ and ‘Sporting Schools’ sessions”, said Rohan O’Neill, when announcing the agreement today.   “We recognise that Jason is passionate about the sport of bowling and that his achievements and success will inspire future generations to follow his lead”.  

“TBA is proud to be associated with a true icon of the sport and feel sure that this unique partnership will elevate the profile of our sport nationally,” he added.

Click play below to view a message from Jason Belmonte: